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Cam Nguyen



Traveling the world eating amazing food.


I finally got to reading this book. What a great book! This book really highlight how much we can learn from history and how some of the lessons and patterns are relevant today. A must read for everyone!

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Books | Yuval Noah Harari

I finally have time to read this book well, listened. :) Great insights into how Elon thinks and a closer look into the companies he created. #biography #business #startups

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Elon Musk

Books | Ashlee Vance

Lots of backstory that builds the narrative. Overall, I enjoyed the movie but wished they could have developed some of the characters more. Kudos to the diverse cast. Looking forward to the sequel with more Kit Harington! #action #marvel

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Movies | Action

This show is 🔥! Disturbing premise but so addicting. I binged the full season in one day! Love the acting and storyline. Can’t wait for season 2! #kdrama #netflix #thriller

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Squid Game

Shows | Drama

Watched this and literally finished it in 2 days. The writing, characters, and humor is awesome. I was literally laughing at every episode. Go watch it now! #comedy #appletvplus

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Ted Lasso

Shows | Comedy

Funny, catchy, and at times endearing. What a great martial arts movie. If you’re from Seattle, definitely watch it. Lots local scenes, actors, and the creator/director is from Seattle! Highly recommend it. #comedy #netflix

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The Paper Tigers

Movies | Action

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