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I liked this one a lot the only major issue I had is your telling me the freaking blood of Jesus christ didn't work in the first movie? Also the suggested relationships were a little bit confusing is it because she's a nun she has to stay virginal and can't act out her desires because it was definitely more then platonic in that first film. I am definitely on the weird side here because I thought the first one was better on those two small details. Although, this one was better with the scares and the background shots were terrifying as well.

The Nun II imageThe Nun II image

The Nun II

Movies | Horror

This is a very different unique horror/ creature feature film. I really like this the acting was great the creatures are terrifying and I totally wish that there were movies with the hallow / forest folklore horror because this was definitely interesting. I did also cry a little bit at the end. Also you must watch the end credits

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The Hallow

Movies | Fantasy

How did I not know this movie existed first of all Martin Scorsese produced its an A24 Film and the cherry on top is the freaking cast. Incredible movie action packed and plenty of hilarious moments!

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Free Fire

Movies | Action

Honestly not going to lie this could of been a five star movie for movie Keanu reeves us pure perfection in it as per usual the only reason why I was kind of bomb is in the trailers and all the posters for this film there is a highlight on the tattoo skeleton dude and he was in the movie for maybe a minute not even I was super excited to see how he got to be a part of the story and he didn't even matter. This was beautiful poetic action romance And little fantasy sprinked in. I definitely think this movie was made way before its time.

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47 Ronin

Movies | Drama

I loved every moment of this no shame. This was all my **** dreams and I could of watch several seasons of this if it was a show. I definitely recommend watching it in Spanish the English dubbed really threw off the experience in the beginning.

My Fault imageMy Fault image

My Fault

Movies | Romance

I don't understand all the bad reviews but I thought this sequel was spectacular and I definitely jumped. I think it tied in everything all together pretty nicely and it played in all these little details if you take notice. I enjoyed the storyline and I especially like the light hearted edition of Chris. I like the overall theme of you can't forget the past you need to remember it that really resonates with me.

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Insidious: The Red Door

Movies | Horror

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