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Now This Was Excellently Obviously The 1st Orginal Halloween Is My Favorite But I Think This Comes Second

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Halloween Kills

Movies | Horror

Okay If I Could Rate This Higher I Would. This Book Right Here Is A ******* Masterpiece ******* Beautiful I Made Another Shelf On My Goodreads Just So It Help Its Own SpeciL Pedestal. This Author Right Here Deserves More Fame And Credit She Knows How To Mkae Literature Works Of Art. This Is More Than A Spice Although There Is Plenty Of That There Is Character A Plot Beautiful Choice Of Words Passion Feelings World Building. I Want To Share But Dont Want Ruin The Experience I Just Cannot Believe H

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When Heroes Fall

Books | Giana Darling

This Book Was Amazing So Far My Favorite In The Series As Well As My Favorite Couple. I Loved The Fact That This Wasn't About Changing To Better Fit Each Other But Accepting One Another As You Are And Also Discovering One's Sleves In The Process. Do Yourself A Favor And Enjoy This Book

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Good Gone Bad

Books | Giana Darling

I Actually Really Enjoyed This Memoir And I Like The Self Reflections And It Definitely Broke My Heart As A Mother Of 3 Girls I Definitely Teared Up And Cried Especially In The Beginning I Don't Even Understand Why This Book Is Rated So Low Although One Can Never Rate Someone's Traumatic Experiences I Definitely Am Looking At My Life With More Gratitude Then Ever Before

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A Stolen Life

Books | Jaycee Dugard

This Would been of a five star read but to ne brutally honest the female character was not my favorite. Any who now king what a man!!! What an amazing series so far definitely lives up to the hype and love the little tidbits of poetry for a personal touch. The spice scenes in here definitely will need a glass of whatever afterwards about to start the next book in this series.

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Lessons in Corruption

Books | Giana Darling

Okay, So I Was Like I Will Give This One A Chance Because The Hype Is Real Was It The Best **** Novel I Ever Read Nope But I Throughly Enjoyed Reading It Definitely Could Of Gone Without Out The Slurping But Highly Recommend If You Are Looking For A Quick Dirty Read With Scenes You Might Not Have Read Before

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Sugar Daddies

Books | Jade West

I Almost Want To Give This Five Stars Because I Highly Recommend And Throughly Enjoyed It That Being Said I Didnt Devour This Book Like I Normally Do And I Found Myself Annoy With Certain Aspects Of The Plot But I Think The Author Did Something Really Unique And I Like Her Actually Including Song Lyrics I Thought It Was A Nice Touch

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Books | B B Reid

Spoilers!!!!!!! You Know I Thought About This Book All Day When I Finished It Did I Enjoy It Obviously The Spice Scenes In Here You Will Definitely Need A Drink Of Water But The Only Reason Why It Is Not A Five Star Read Is The Transition When She Realizes She Loves Kaleb And Then Evruthing Just Works Its Self Out And Everything Is Just Basically Normal Its Hard To Explain Like I'm Glad They Got Their Happy Ending But Still And On Top Of That She Viewed Her Nanny As Her Parental Figure And Thats

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Books | Penelope Douglas

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