Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend poster


Kimmy's a famous author and she's about to marry a prince! But first she has to foil the Reverend's evil plot. It's your move: What should Kimmy do next?

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2020-05-12

Runtime 80 minutes


TMDB 6.4


Cassie Sandberg's profile image

Cassie shared a tip "Love the choose your own destiny format, very fun"

Mandy 's profile image

justmanderz shared a tip "I felt like this movie was meant to be ridiculous, but it was trying way too hard."

Jessica Johnson's profile image

jessica_johnson_7555 shared a tip "This follow-up choose-your-own- adventure movie is surprisingly fun."

nadia_8694 shared a tip "Good young adult comedy masked realities with intrepid humor"

Shaniya& Chantelle's profile image

shaniya_chantelle shared a tip "yes"

Myndi Topolinski's profile image

myndi_topolinski shared a tip "So funny"

The Guy 's profile image

the_guy_9183 shared a tip "Loved it"

Nurah Noeman's profile image

nurah_noeman shared a tip "This show is just too funny!"

Natalia Alicea's profile image

natalia_alicea shared a tip "Reserve about 2 hours for it 😂 you will not want to stop playing."

dave_butler_3731 shared a tip "Hilarious"

Cyn Liechty's profile image

cyn_liechty shared a tip "Seriously unrated off the wall, bazaar, whats the worse that can happen comedy. Its one of a kind."

Ana Londoño's profile image

queen.londono shared a tip "So good you should re watch it to catch the jokes."

Mr Dean's profile image

mr_dean shared a tip "No Spoilers. 😉"

katia 's profile image

katia_cab shared a tip "I don’t even remember the movie actually 🤓 perhaps I should take it off this list"

harold_526 shared a tip "Stop watching after a couple seasons"

Rhyleigh wilson's profile image

rhyleigh_wilson shared a tip "a really good show to watch when you want to binge."

Sara p's profile image

sara_p_9413 shared a tip "Funny and filled with memorable lines."

Kai Kai's profile image

kai_kai_6542 shared a tip "I was very funny but you wont like it with out the tv show.#romance #funny#love"

Tamara Raine's profile image

tamara_raine shared a tip "Funny. And stupid lol"

Riley Grutter 's profile image

riley_grutter shared a tip "Really great one. Loved the show, but i definitely love that you can choose your own path in this one."

Hello Hello's profile image

hello_hello_107 shared a tip "Very unpredictable, I watched it before watching the entire series and it was so fun."

brooke alissa's profile image

brooke_alissa shared a tip "it was good"

holly_gorrell shared a tip "I mostly liked it, but it went downhill toward the end."

Nancy Kealy's profile image

nancy_kealy shared a tip "Humor is spot on."

Gretchen Hammell's profile image

gretchen_hammell shared a tip "@megan_stone I watched it a while ago so I don’t really remember specifics but interactives are always fun!"

Samantha Wells's profile image

dohh shared a tip "A very funny show for sure!!"

Lorena Rodriguez's profile image

lorena_rodriguez_7173 shared a tip "it’s a funny show!! great to binge"

Adriana k's profile image

adriana_k shared a tip "Sometime very awkward but extremely funny"

Zion Perez-Fowler's profile image

zion_perez-fowler shared a tip "My favorite scene of all is where Titus is making his song Peeno Noir!"

Chase Dion's profile image

chase_dion shared a tip "Good show! Watch the original first"

Oriana Moyer's profile image

oriana_moyer shared a tip "It’s a different movie and so confusing movie"

Madi Sanders's profile image

madi_sanders shared a tip "SO funny!!!"

Olivia Rice's profile image

olivia_rice_900 shared a tip "This is very a mixed genre and has somewhat of comedy and is good in my opinion."

Shannon Howe's profile image

shannon_howe shared a tip "hilarious whimsical nonsensesical tv series"

Janae Robertson's profile image

ladyj shared a tip "HILARIOUS"

gloria_shepard shared a tip "Ivlove it"

Claire Wolters's profile image

claire_wolters shared a tip "So funny!"

andrew_johnson_4890 shared a tip "Hilarious"

Amanda Salewski's profile image

amanda_salewski shared a tip "First seasons better than the last"

Amber Kelly's profile image

amber_kelly shared a tip "So much fun choosing how the story would go. I participated several times just to see how each option would go."

Anissa Quijada's profile image

anissa_quijada shared a tip "Everything😃"

Samantha Dorsey's profile image

samantha_dorsey_2730 shared a tip "This show is so funny and i just love how Kimmy has the mind of a middle schooler its hillarious"

Melissa Rosen's profile image

melissa_rosen_3827 shared a tip "Very cleverly written. Lots of double entendres. Great acting!"

Leah Quick's profile image

leah_quick_5067 shared a tip "Its funny, serious, and overall a great show. Ive watched it twice and planning to watch again in a year or two"

Kallie Poole's profile image

kallie_poole shared a tip "Got addicted to this funny show. Thought it was great but didn't like the ending"

Sebastian GarceteSilva's profile image

sebastian_garcetesi shared a tip "Many choice revenge too"

erin_stinson shared a tip "It took some time, but Kimmy and Titus are hilarious."

erin_stinson shared a tip "Lol! I didn't realize this was a movie. I thought it was the show. I'll have to look for it now."

M Peacock's profile image

m_peacock shared a tip "Hysterical, goofy humor. Some seasons are stronger than others."

Dedra Tullison's profile image

dedra_tullison shared a tip "Completely funny. Roaring laughs."

Natalie Michelle's profile image

natalie_michelle_473 shared a tip "I don't know of any that are similar enough to this show. The show is unique and odd and it's why I love it."

angelica_romero_4503 shared a tip "Very funny keep me smiling :)"

Cory Wessels's profile image

cory_wessels_6424 shared a tip "The choose your own adventure made this movie such a fun and awesome experience! Totally recommend it!"

midnights lps's profile image

midnights_lps shared a tip "It showed original characters from the show but you make the decisions"

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