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This was a hilarious twist of a love story packed with action and mystery. Daniel Radcliffe, Sandra Bullock, and Channing Tatum…. it was destined for success.

The Lost City imageThe Lost City image

The Lost City

Movies | Comedy

Woooooooow totally not what I was expecting. I was sorta disappointed with the ending, but it wrapped up well. Worth the watch, lots of twists and turns.

Honor Society imageHonor Society image

Honor Society

Movies | Comedy

Shark Boy and Lava Girl along with the other super hero’s had kids. This is their moment to shine and save the adults. A cute and fun tribute the the old movie I loved as a kid.

We Can Be Heroes imageWe Can Be Heroes image

We Can Be Heroes

Movies | Action

My boyfriend insisted we watch this, after he had watched it twice. He absolutely loved this movie. It was a good watch and made me super hungry.

Chef imageChef image


Movies | Comedy

Gosh this show is hilarious! The characters are so likable and funny. Not sure how they get away with some of the racial stereotypes, but it’s a cute show with short episodes.

Kim's Convenience imageKim's Convenience image

Kim's Convenience

Shows | Comedy

This was a cute romance movie twisted with holiday humor! It also had a pretty interesting and u expected ending that I enjoyed.

Love Hard imageLove Hard image

Love Hard


Super creepy, but also sooooo addicting and interesting. I love this show, and even though it’s weird, it’s really unexpected!

You imageYou image


Shows | Crime

I love this show! It’s a fun family holiday show, it doesn’t have to be watched around the holidays. Ashley Tisdale stars in this show and her character is so funny!

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Merry Happy Whatever

Shows | Comedy

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