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As a filmmaker and his girlfriend return home from his movie premiere, smoldering tensions and painful revelations push them toward a romantic reckoning.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2021-01-29

Runtime 106 minutes

Budget $2.5m


TMDB 7.1


Kevin Simons's profile image

kevin_simons shared a tip "Definitely overindulgent, but I understand why, obviously. Zendaya made it worth it for me, she is amazing."

Luanna Williams's profile image

luanna shared a tip "This is not a love story. It is a story about love... And the toxicity that at times accompanies it. Zendaya is PHENOMENAL."

bookwormjammie shared a tip "Amazing acting by Zendaya she killed it and had me believing"

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "I liked it but it was really annoying at the same time."

Freemon Jackson's profile image

freemon_jackson shared a tip "They argue, they try to have sex, they argue, they try to have sex.... and that's aboot it"

kelsey_944 shared a tip "Beautiful, Raw and realistic. Loved this movie!"

Ruby 's profile image

ruby_1624 shared a tip "Very intense... as some toxic relationships are"

Victoria De Leon 's profile image

jeterfan1205 shared a tip "Great performances 👏"

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candace_johnson_4999 shared a tip "Excellent Acting!"

Jeanne Morel's profile image

jeanne_morel shared a tip "Boring.....zzzzz"

Jordyn Johnson's profile image

awwitsjor shared a tip "So much pain. But so worth it."

GracefulAnne X's profile image

annaxrebekah shared a tip "Zendaya ddid a frickin’ amazing job. So did he. Just amazing. Mwah 💋 #zendaya"

John Calhoun's profile image

john_calhoun_9489 shared a tip "Great conversation"

Felicia Ogunjube's profile image

felicia_ogunjube shared a tip "I have mixed emotions on this one"

Edith Valencia's profile image

edith_valencia shared a tip "Pretty intense and great dialogue. The ending was surprising."

k b's profile image

spookyk shared a tip "The cinematography and overall plot of this movie is so beautifully and well acted out, Zendaya never ceases to amaze me."

Wawijah Jones's profile image

ntlxualhippie shared a tip "Great message and beautiful videography. This movie is a work of art."

E .M.R's profile image

e_.m.r shared a tip "I thought I was going to hate it, forwarded thru the almost sex scenes but wow so glad I watched."

Jemma Frost's profile image

jemma_frost shared a tip "Very artsy, interesting but sometimes the lines are ridiculous and unrealistic."

Keisha Branch's profile image

keisha_branch shared a tip "Moving and emotionally draining. Spot on."

paige steptore's profile image

paige_steptore_2617 shared a tip "I liked Malcolm & Marie because it was something based on today’s life around the world ."

jasmine_haulsey shared a tip "So beautifully written, and the cinematography and acting are phenomenal"

nydog__anderson shared a tip "U"

Atoshia McGee's profile image

atoshia_mcgee shared a tip "This movie was amazing to me! Just raw and uncut...Zendaya deserves an Oscar for her performance"

Charity Bolick's profile image

charity_bolick shared a tip "#drama"

shaunise_7234 shared a tip "Loved it"

Marley Eastman's profile image

marley_eastman shared a tip "It was just amazing and ✨ZENDAYA ✨"

Ronnie Searles's profile image

ronnie_searles shared a tip "Dope cinema and great artistry. We all can relate..."

caithlyn_alvarez shared a tip "Insane! Literally so good it makes you uncomfortable."

systackzz_ shared a tip "i like it"

haleigh_kennedy shared a tip "I Loved this movie, so much emotion. Zendayas performance was heart wrenching and beautiful!! 11/10"

karylem_orea shared a tip "Great film but watching zendaya’s ass get eaten was hard ngl."

Felix Bruh's profile image

felix_bruh shared a tip "I like Sam's work, honestly an underrated film i can go on and on about."

larkesha_hicks shared a tip "Although it felt draining to watch them fight the whole movie the emotions in the movie are very relatable."

sierra wilturner's profile image

sierra_wilturner shared a tip "just a beautiful movie and very authentic & real!"

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madai_orendain shared a tip "Beautiful performance and amazing drama."

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betsy_lee_2494 shared a tip "Acting was AMAZING!"

annabella_parrales shared a tip "very cool"

vidda jimenez's profile image

vidda_jimenez shared a tip "Very nice"

caillen_kanekoa-gen shared a tip "Amazing but a little slow... if you’re into old school BW film this if for you."

Fallon M.M.'s profile image

fallon_m.m. shared a tip "Profound"

Jarrod Sims's profile image

jarrod_sims shared a tip "It's a good movie for a night in."

lyndee_pinkerton shared a tip "the performance felt so raw and beautiful. it’s definitely not for everyone"

mommommy shared a tip "This movie perfectly demonstrate how couples fight behind close doors!"

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evelyn_a_4074 shared a tip "THE DIALOGUE!!!"

sharlene_bumgarner shared a tip "I loved the dialogue between Malcolm and Marie. It is a very thought provoking movie."

Courtney Björnsson's profile image

courtney_bjrnsson shared a tip "It was an hour and 45 minutes of a couple arguing in black and grey. I have a migraine now."

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