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Absolutely love this show, simple, simultaneously and suddenly ethereal or theoretical, hilarious, and cool characters. I never really get tired of the shtick of always getting into an absurd amount of trouble and misfortune, although if you find that corny you'll probably not enjoy this so much

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Regular Show

Shows | Adventure

Wow what a ******* performance by the protagonist, as a musician in a traveling band myself I sulked multiple times. I think good endings are hard to pull off but this one fucks your heart up I love this one.

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Sound of Metal

Movies | Drama

Didn't expect this movie to have so much rewatchability but it has become of my favorites

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The Artist

Movies | Drama

Eggers is great at period pieces because he just totally wraps the audience in an inescapable ambience and atmosphere (literally too lmao) so well and lets dafoe and Pattinson take you on crescendoing voyage to madness with great dialogue

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The Lighthouse

Movies | Fantasy

Personally love Egger's period pieces they're so captivating, you'll honestly forget that you exist in the 21st century after watching this. Excellent performances and shots too of course.

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The Witch

Movies | Mystery

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