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In their quest to confront the ultimate evil, Percy and his friends battle swarms of mythical creatures to find the mythical Golden Fleece and to stop an ancient evil from rising.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2013-08-07

Runtime 106 minutes

Budget $90m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 6.0


Caleigh Knight's profile image

caleigh_knight shared a tip "Having not read the books, I liked it"

Emily Beaumont's profile image

rebelbooks101 shared a tip "If you thought the first movie was bad, this was worse"

Audrey McFarland's profile image

audrey_mcfarland_668 shared a tip "Awful movie and awful adaptation"

Sarah Hamm's profile image

KeeperFangirl14 shared a tip "I’m not sure lol I haven’t seen it in a while"

Sophia Chieffi's profile image

sophia_chieffi shared a tip "Not as good as the first one, but still a vibe"

Iris Black's profile image

iris_black shared a tip "Not faithful to the books"

cecily_jones shared a tip "This is the second movie out of two, its a good movie alone but if you read the books its not very similar at all. S"

Jaelyn Clark's profile image

jaelyn_clark_3851 shared a tip "Like The book but the movie is okay to"

tessa_6056 shared a tip "I love when percy finds out he has a brother"

Kiera Yerdon's profile image

kren321 shared a tip "Good"

Elondra Venegas's profile image

elondra_venegas shared a tip "I love everything about this movie, it's Mason with fantasy and with a little bit of an adventure"

opinionated shared a tip "Just read the book."

megan spann's profile image

megan_spann shared a tip "Love the book series!!!!! But the movies are terrible"

liv_rose_590 shared a tip "I love fanasty"

Shelby W's profile image

shelby_w_8726 shared a tip "I have not read the book. Wish I had first, I try to do it before the movie"

Mory Cruz's profile image

mory_cruz shared a tip "Nice"

Jennifer 's profile image

jennifer_8247 shared a tip "Don’t recommend just like the genre"

Seth Hardman's profile image

seth_hardman shared a tip "He did a pretty good job sad that contracts with actors put a halt on the series."

Amber Faulkner's profile image

amber_faulkner shared a tip "It great movie to watch by yourself or watch with your family"

Chloe Tucker's profile image

chloe_tucker_7231 shared a tip "This movie completely ruins the amazing book. I would NOT recommend. Please read the book!!!!"

the anonymous cuppa' tea's profile image

the_anonymous_cuppa shared a tip "Oops"

Meili Aiello's profile image

meili_aiello shared a tip "If you wanna like this movie don’t read the book prior to watching it"

Evan Cabrera's profile image

evan_cabrera shared a tip "The first one"

Death X Rex's profile image

death_x_rex shared a tip "It was a good movie"

BlueDominion 's profile image

bluedominion shared a tip "It’s not a great movie but it’s fun to watch if you got nothing to do"

Josephine Jones's profile image

josephine_jones_5109 shared a tip "Annabeth has been my favorite character from the movies."

Lany Sins's profile image

lany_sins shared a tip "Always loved this movie! Anything that has to do with Greek mythology is amazing"

Kia Poling's profile image

rawr_im_pickle shared a tip "May 7, 2021"

aydan_powell-shaw shared a tip "It didn’t relate to the book at all"

Olivia 's profile image

oliviac shared a tip "Nothing like the book"

krystle_baddeley shared a tip "Mythical fun!"

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