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I'm a movie fanatic who also loves to read. I like to say I specialize in the underrated and my friends agree. Just so you can get to know me, my favorite movie is Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole, favorite TV show is Terra Nova, favorite book is Found from the Missing series, and favorite book series is the Healing Wars by Janice Hardy. Don't get me wrong though, I love Marvel, DC, Star Wars, even Harry Potter, and other famous franchises just as much as the average watcher.


This movie made me finally watch Sing. Sing was fine but this one I actually rewatch. If you can rewatch a movie and still enjoy it you know it did good. The songs are amazing in this one too. I had to download some of them. Also clearly my favorite character is now Johnny as it's his song that just rocks it. Both his nothing hold me back moment in the restaurant and his final a sky Full of stars. Nothing golding me back was the first one I downloaded and I keep rewatching Sky as it's just so satisfying. Truly I even rewatched the movie for it. Then I just rewatched that scene alone. Luckily the scene that follows is also good but then I stop at the love song. Still I loved the concept and the trailer hooked me enough to go find Sing and finally watch this series. It was worth it.

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Sing 2

Movies | Animation

I finally watched it. It's predictable but still enjoyable. Also great singing by Johnny. I know Meema is supposed to be the best voice, and it's good. It does various songs well, but it never truly knocks you down like Johnny's does. His song is the one I remember. Still good.

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Movies | Animation

Great voices. But since this was the first time I ever watched a west side story, (hadn't seen the play and only saw parts. In the glee episode where they sang some of the songs. (I do know Romeo and Juliet back and forth so i kind of just focused on that background info to understand, which I think the dorector banked on instead of showing the audience what the story actually means)) I think the beginning was rushed. I felt lost. They spent so much time with the cops at the beginning, which established the tension but when it came to Tony and Maria's connection it was way too fast paced. I don't know how the story is, but they danced in silence then were done and immediately forever in love. Yeah, no way. Especially Maria being fine enough to defend him to her brothers love. Yes he did it because Bernardo killed Riff, but she didn't know that. So yeah no. Recommend the soundtrack not the movie. Also the Spanish goes by too quickly. You don't have time to translate if you know a little like me. Director says it was on purpose not to have English subtitles of what's said, which I get (dont agree with but get). Except in moments when it's strictly Spanish speakers speaking to other bilingual people. That's where I call BS and say they should've translated subtitles, since in the scene those involved know whats being said. When watching people speak in English but having Spanish subtitles on they translate everything. Besides, again I do understand why he chose not to, but it only drags you out of the moment the movie put you in and makes you realize you're watching a movie. I spend so much time pausing to give me a moment to think what it is they're saying (I know a little Spanish and can read in Spanish mostly), and yes you do need to know since theres a lot of it. Maybe if someone doesn't know Spanish at all they weren't affected. But for those of us still learning all it did was make this 2 and a half hour movie annoying and more like 3 hours.

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West Side Story

Movies | Crime

It was really good, the first end scene is definitely more of a deep easter egg than a good end scene but still enjoyable. I loved Scarlett witch. However, it was clearly trying to be a horror movie throughout and since Horror movies and jump scares bore me I was bored quite a few times watching it. The family with young kids who watched it in theaters same time as me walked out before the climax because of the graphics, but I didn't care. I'd still watch it again but not my favorite.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Movies | Fantasy

It's good. They clearly forgot that Aunt Cass never met Baymax in the movie so how she knows about him is beyond me. And seems their secret identities aren't so secret when they walk around with a giant robot all the time and theres a giant robot in Big Hero 6. The news and people acknowledge he's a robot so they know it's not a person behind the mask for him. Also Baymax being captured, incapacitated, and whatever else they can think of just to avoid having him in the fight gets old real quick when it happens every single episode. Except I did find one where he joined the fight, only the group had just been split into 3 groups so not sure it counts. Still it does give you more. Because clearly Disney is too much of a greedy money grabber to take a chance on a sequel that they don't think will give them "Disney classic remakes" kind of money.

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Big Hero 6 The Series

Shows | Action & Adventure

Wouldn't ever want to watch it but it's not the worse

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Movies | Fantasy

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