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I'm a movie fanatic who also loves to read. I like to say I specialize in the underrated & my friends agree. Just so you can get to know me, my favorite movie is Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole, TV show is Terra Nova, Musical is Julie & the Phantoms, favorite book is Found from the Missing series, & book series is the Healing Wars by Janice Hardy. Don't get me wrong, I love Marvel, DC, Star Wars, even Harry Potter, & other famous franchises just as much as the average watcher.


That was actually really fun. My friend was obsessed with the idea of seeing Shaq as a genie. I thought it be stupid but it started out strong. There was emotion, intrigue, and just plain fun. It impresses me. I like the story and the characters. The music was even catchy and enjoyable. The way certain things progresses shocked me but it was still a tad predictable. Although my friend and I wondered how the ending hadn't been made a meme yet. It was just hilarious. A fun time.

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Movies | Fantasy

I wasn't sure whether to like or dislike. I did enjoy it and I want more, but there were a lot of bad parts. For example, in the beginning, you can tell they couldn't thi k of a good reason to have the boy meet the dog. None of it is believable. He runs away and drives off then immediately goes back and to top matters off the dog chases him back through there? Yeah no. Lazy writing. Then the characters are both predictable and stupid. Like at first you think you can like them, then they make no sense. Sam i thought wasng going to be an entitiled dirtbag then that backfired. Not in a good way. The villain seems to have purpose but again its really just lazy writing. At first hes happy with everything then that suddenly takes a turn and hes done letting them do whatever. He goes from idiotic scientist to crazed lunatic. There's also no consequences to anything. It's just a lot of thrown together ideas. So why did I like it? Well. . .first off I did like some of the expectation subversions. Sarah is subpar yet her moment with AXL at the end I truly love. It's our and a callback. Miles is fine and his dedication to AXL makes sense it just doesn't feel genuine. That's what it lacks is that yes the characters do stuff but you don't feel they should. It lacks the execution despite being well put together. In honesty, as I wrote this I realized more and more why I dislike it. But despite that, I know the moment there's a show or sequel I'm gonna watch it. Yes it's dumb & full of lazy writing, but I enjoy the concept. I just think a different way of going about it could really push things over the edge and make it great.

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Movies | Science Fiction

Well that surely was something. But I kind of loved it. The only problem being I want to watch more. It surprised me a few times. I loved the father character while also hating him. But he was realistic and his ending was satisfying. Everyone was satisfying. Except for Stone. I don't know who chose to make his voice actor that, but he was lacking something in his delivery. Cora was fine enough just a bit forced. There was a lot to cover and the movie wasn't truly long enough to cover it all. Every robot was hilarious and I loved them. Zog was great, Orrin was heartfelt, the RRF or whatever was a fun and entertaining add-on from time to time, then the window washers were perfect. I adored them. I recommend this for any family out there. I remember my brother adoring it as a kid so I know many will.

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Astro Boy

Movies | Animation

Okay, it is a bit much, but it can be fun. I will admit, the only reason I managed to get past the first few episodes was because they continuously ended on cliffhangers. Which did in fact anger me, stopping me from continuing it but I eventually powered through, & had to know what would happen next. The songs are catchy for sure but even after rewatching it twice I still can't get myself to download a single one. They're good enough for their time & a kids show, but nothing that's gonna be outstanding to always listen to. Disclaimer: I watched the movie before this. Saw it as a kid, but remembered nothing. The two are very different & I see why so many were angry with the changes. They are a bit jarring. Yet I still think for each version the changes work. Theres way more action in the show that way you stay invested. The movie plays up the origin of the band and this one is more of their adventures as a hologram band. This is more magical, action packed, & showboaty(not in a bad way but it has flair) while the movie is more realistic, heartfelt, & emotional. This Jerrica can be really separated from her Jem half the time too, especially after early episodes. Which led to some confusion. Legit I would forget they're supposed to be the same person a lot. It helped for the final season when the Gold ones joined since I prefer Jem with him rather than Rio. But that's also due to the fact Rio is thrown in as a love interest instead of grown like in the movie. Now for the story. It truly is captivating & unique. Honestly, I was impressed. Jerrica is a fortune 500 company owners Saint of a daughter, but she's somewhat compelling. Even if I prefer Jem. Granted, I wonder how they continously end up in need of money. A foster home does get grants and funding after all. I also see why so many hold it dear to their hearts since it was very inclusive as well as accepting. I truly love some episodes which don't progress the real story but are fun. The president one is my fave.

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Shows | Animation

The soundtrack is incredible. I downloaded all the original songs. Her voice is amazing! Man they're jams. Honestly, I'm impressed by the raw talent in her voice. I truly enjoyed the movie & the story it had. It really played into an actual origin story for everything which I greatly prefer. There were some weird parts, but overall it worked well together. The characters were real, but still had their own quirks too. Kimber continually gets thrown under the bus but not as much as the original show, so that's good. Disclaimer: I watched this before watching the full original show. I watched that afterwards & the 2 are very different. This is much more heartfelt, realistic, & modern. While the old show is more magical, action packed, & sparkly(As in it has flair). The movie plays into their emotions a lot & truly dives into their characters while humanizing Jem & Jerrica both. I felt closer & cheered this Jerrica on more. The other Jerrica really got separated from Jem half the time making them seem like 2 different people. I can tell Jem is the confident & star verison of Jerrica here. I'll admit the YouTube videos throughout the movie were kind of annoying at first, but now I've grown to love them. It's more of the fact I enjoy the originality & idea of them. Still think some were unnecessary. But they had purpose. The drum battle was to represent Jerrica & Erika's first confrontation. Clever, but at first annoying. Now for the story. I truly did like it. This Jerrica is far more relatable than the fortune 500 company owners Saint of a daughter. Plus shes closer to the target audiences age than the original too. I do adore the tribute to the original show at the end with I'm still here. The song reassures original fans & declares to new ones she's here to stay. I understand Jem the show was very dear to many people, but this movie is to bring in new people. After all, every generation deserves a voice & they really captured it for this generation.

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Jem and the Holograms

Movies | Drama

I highly recommend this movie if you enjoy sci-fi, marvel, adventure, any Disney Channel original movie with a twist, Spy Kids, Zoom, Sky High, Herbie, Speed Racer, or if you just think a group of superheroes without powers but instead incredible machinery and space ships to help save people in danger is cool. I really do love this movie. From the opening credit sequence (which is incredibly hard to accomplish) to the final moment, I'm entertained. It's well made, the scenery is astounding (honestly I am constantly blown away by the detail), the machines and vehicles are so cool, the acting is fun, but I adore this story. You'll find yourself intrigued and constantly waiting for more. There's action, comedy, and adventure. Honestly, I'm surprised it's so underrated. It's truly one of a kind. They even got the bridge in London to open for a shot which hadn't been done in years. Which just shows the effort they truly put in to making every shot absolutely incredible. That much is clear. I wish there was a sequel. I always keep two copies of this movie with me. One at home and one for traveling. The fact I always have to have a version with me says a lot. I may not always watch it, but when I do, I truly enjoy it. Vanessa Hudgens is in it too. Along with Ben Kingsley. Wow you made it this far. Well I'm here to warn you it's not perfect by any means. Some moments are just cringey but they're few and far between (you'll notice them though). Mostly its the henchmen of the villain. While the villain is intimidating and intriguing, the henchmen are just weird and awkward. Truly, I don't vouch for any moment with only them. They're good for what they are, I just hate watching them. The Hood makes up for it though. At the end, I have no idea why Lady Penelope had to change her outfit to the most obnoxious & hard to move in pink atrocity but she does. Other than that really this movie is great. The ending is satisfying for every other character too. Absolutely wonderful.

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Movies | Action

I can honestly say it surprised me in a good way. Every time I thought I knew what would happen next it changed things up. Don't get me wrong, a lot of it was predictable but it was fun. Some characters were really played up to give them a personality but then i felt like all of them seemed real. Well, the actual game night group that is. Even the creepy ones felt realistic, but were very hard to care for. Granted when they were neglected I felt bad. I also believe it was incredibly well casted. Every actor did their part great. Most of the time once game night started I couldn't realize why everyone was such an idiot but they were really trying to play into the joke. So while I did think they managed to craft character reactions and dialogue well, I also thought they made many moments unbelievable. The entire time I just kept slapping my forehead out of bewilderment or nearly yelling "how can they be so dumb?" Despite all that, it was enjoyable. My dad liked it, I did, and so did my brother. I laughed a few times, got mad at the characters, felt bad for them, and hoped for the best. To top matters off, that one shot chase/escape scene was incredibly. The amount of times they probably had to shoot that alone would be insane. And it's not short in the slightest. I'm assuming a drone did the videoing which made for some amazing angles. Loved it going through the balcony. Until then I thought they were overrunning a cameraman. I recommend this to anyone looking for a funny yet action packed movie. Think Adam Sandler meets a cheap James bond movie. Not the best one but you will enjoy some part, even if you scream at them for being idiots. Still a good time.

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Game Night

Movies | Mystery

It is a good movie, but it is an awful sequel. It throws away absolutely everything the first established and showed. Heck they got rid of one of the main characters, and the last character shown in the first movie. The first was astounding and it set up for something great. This one just tried to repeat the astounding part then had nothing to finish it but it's own ending. Now that doesn't mean the shots aren't cool or the magic isn't fun. It's still good. Even the new characters to replace the old ones are enjoyable. I thought the expansion of one characters story was good. After all we didn't get to truly see them much the first time. I'm trying to be vague here to intrigue a few people. It's still a neat show but do not expect it to continue where the old left off. Instead, it's more like what if he just revealed himself and the carousel never happened. Also that the cell scene didn't end the way it did. Now for this story, ignoring the old ones achievements. It does copy the old one in a lot of ways but it completes itself. Still has some mystery to it. Plus the "magic" is still mystifying. That card scene is pure amazement. I'm amazed when I see it. I also truly was convinced at the end and I felt true amazement when it turned out the way it did. Plus the casting of Daniel Radcliffe was a stroke of pure genius. He did good too and it says so much. I do recommend it. Not as a sequel but as a movie.

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Now You See Me 2

Movies | Action

This is & has long been my favorite movie. That says a lot for someone who owns over a thousand shows & movies, & seen plenty more. The world that is created here is intriguing & fantastical. You're truly thrown into a place where Owls reign. It's believable. It has the sophistication of a book to movie adaptation. I say that because it's clever. For one, Owls are nocturnal so they call nightmares daymares. There's other complicated situations & phrasing too that only seem to come out of previous books. Now for the characters. I truly love Soren & the rest of his gang. Each one of them I find fun, deep, & enjoyable. I love Diggers jokes but still enjoy our resident poet warriors tunes. The movie is not without fault but they're faults I can deal with. Some parts are cringey when it comes to the jokes but its in good fun & I still smile, which is more than most shows can say. Honestly, the only reason I don't watch it more is because it makes me want a sequel everytime I do. Next up is animation. Even by today standards, it is breathtaking. Every shot, every scene, every moment is beautiful. Even my animation major friends still mention how amazing this movies animation is. If it was released today, with everyones understanding of animation, it would not be so easily forgotten. What it accomplished is nothing short of outstanding. Now for the true marvel of this movie. The story. I've already complimented its intricate details & the main characters but even the side ones I enjoy. Love the king, queen, & Lyze especially seeing the king fight. Plus, it doesn't glorify battle or war. Like 1 said "it's merely doing what's right." The story completes itself, the obstacle/villian is one you love to hate, there's a purpose, & the climax is impactful. I'd go into more detail & explain every reason I love it. But there's only so much space & I don't want to spoil it. Normally I try not to get people's expectations up, but this movie does deserve praise, my bias not included.

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Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Movies | Animation

It was worth the wait! I went into this movie with zero expectations and avoiding every trailer out there. A few were thrown on me from previews or unskippable ads but I turned my head and plugged my ears. I knew I'd want to see this long expected movie. Then I did. I am beyond glad I did too. It was good. It acted like a good sequel. Not only does this film stand on its own it gave you more of what you want. I watched it with two others, (we each have varying preferences) and we all agreed it was good. The visuals were stunning, expansion of the universe made sense, characters continued to intrigue you, returning characters grew in good ways, I love the kids, and we got more of what we loved in the first. However, I did not recently watch Avatar before watching this. It was on a whim that we went and saw it so none of us had the chance to recently watch the movie. We all of course remembered and knew the original but had not watched Avatar before seeing that. So, I can't vouch for watching them back to back yet. Now it was a tad predictable. When I said that in the past it meant I could tell how the ending would come about and see certain outcomes while also predicting how they would go towards that. This movie wasn't to that extent. Just like the first one you explore the world of course. Yet you also have the overarching story to see. But the only part I truly predicted were certain characters paths. I won't say more to not reveal anything. The ways the characters went about things or how the story continued was a bit shocking. Honestly I was entertained and the suspension of disbelief remained steady and strong throughout. I even laughed a few times. Not at times that had jokes but times that were just funny. For instance, (without spoiling) near the end when son 2 kicks one machine under toucan. I laughed and so did a few others. There were just some funny moments mixed in with the story. Overall everyone in the theater seemed to enjoy it and I know I did too.

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Avatar: The Way of Water

Movies | Action

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