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madeline_rodgers shared a tip "Very detailed"

Sarah Hettinger's profile image

sarah_hettinger shared a tip "My favorite to listen to when i’m doing anything. Very descriptive and so many episodes to binge."

Watersnake 's profile image

watersnake shared a tip "I’ve been listening to True Crime Psychology and Personality by I think ArsLonga Media!"

Paula Elliott's profile image

paula_elliott shared a tip "Very in depth and the podcast does great research on the predator I highly reccomend it"

Brad McCandless's profile image

brad_mccandless shared a tip "Great podcast if you like true crime and the psychology/inner workings of the minds of serial killers"

Dakota Boswell's profile image

dakota_boswell shared a tip "..... I'm kind of psychotic. I really enjoy true crime and horror and podcast like this get me thru my workdat"

Lauren 's profile image

marswaglio shared a tip "Great podcast that focuses just on the facts with no witty banter or side conversation"

Carla Quinn's profile image

carla_quinn shared a tip "My current favorite. More detail than tv documentaries and they include family history and delve into the psychology"

Andy V's profile image

andy_v_5020 shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

Adrian Hunley's profile image

adrian_hunley shared a tip "They do a great job retelling these stories!"

Katie Diers's profile image

katie_diers shared a tip "Not yet but I’m excited to listen to it!"

Tasha Frasure's profile image

tasha_frasure shared a tip "I think it would be fun. What about you?"

Danielle Milstead's profile image

danielle_milstead shared a tip "@jayde_5691 this one is the one that’s my favorite."

epifania_morelock shared a tip "The Parcast network has some great stuff!"

Sedona Webb's profile image

sedona_webb shared a tip "Best podcast ever, their cadence is great, they fl do their research, and the sound effects are the perfect touch!"

Katelyn Huffstutler Martin's profile image

katelyn_huffstutler shared a tip "I love it! It’s seriously one of my favourites. They go into so much detail."

samantha_barden shared a tip "No favorites but really like all of them"

Wiley Miller's profile image

wiley_miller shared a tip "I like obscura out of everything I’ve listened to"

Shoshana 's profile image

LovetoRead shared a tip "I can’t get enough of this podcast! It goes super in depth, and I always listen to this during my ceramics class!"

Sydney 's profile image

sydney_8157 shared a tip "Absolutely!"

CJ✨ 's profile image

yagirlCJ shared a tip "This podcast is easy to listen to and very informational if you find serial killers interesting!"

Cheyenne Bradshaw's profile image

cheyenne_bradshaw shared a tip "I honestly cannot get enough of this podcast!"

Olivia Baynham's profile image

olivia_baynham shared a tip "I’ve been interested in serial killers for a long time. This podcast is great"

sophie shuck's profile image

sophie_shuck shared a tip "All the time! Mostly when cleaning or working on a project."

Jordan Zangri's profile image

JordanZ shared a tip "Yes! Good detail about each one. I listened to so many episodes driving cross country."

Sheri Whitinger-Chinwuba's profile image

sheri_whitinger-chi shared a tip "The stores are good and well researched but the audio is hard on the speakers and ears"

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