Loved it! It’s a fun show like Vincenzo. A true love story filled with action and drama.

Mr. Sunshine imageMr. Sunshine image

Mr. Sunshine

Shows | Drama

Wow! I have been following Nikole Hannah-Jones for years since her book came out. The documentary was moving and educational. This American history should be taught. The good, bad, and ugly. This has what molded America to what it is today but unfortunately it’s still ugly.

The 1619 Project imageThe 1619 Project image

The 1619 Project

Shows | Documentary

OMG! Just finished the first half and this show was a thrill ride from the start! Slapping, salt throwing and revenge all in one show! This story of revenge is mind blowing. I have never been this excited since Vincenzo!

The Glory imageThe Glory image

The Glory

Shows | Drama

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