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Sarah is a journalist obsessed with the past. Every week she reconsiders a person or event that's been miscast in the public imagination.

Artist Sarah Marshall

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Release Date 2/27/23

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Sara Nagle's profile image

sara_nagle shared a tip "Maybe my fave podcast ever."

Rachel Sigmon's profile image

rachel_sigmon shared a tip "Great podcast. A lot of useful information for small talk and conversation!"

Aviva Downing's profile image

aviva_downing shared a tip "Addictive and fun way to learn (or unlearn!) stuff."

Anne Weiler's profile image

anne_weiler shared a tip "Recasting of controversial or scandalous news stories from the 80s & 90s with what the media left out"

Sara Ridout's profile image

sara_ridout shared a tip "Love the hosts Michael and Sarah! They make every topic so interesting and both have great senses of humor!"

Gina Leone's profile image

gina_leone shared a tip "Listened to one- about Amy Fischer. My mind was blown. May be my new addiction"

Christine Harris's profile image

christine_harris_6323 shared a tip "Michael Hobbes does one called Maintenance Phase that is also really good."

Lacey Brown's profile image

lacey_brown_3454 shared a tip "Maintenance phase is great and was created by one of the cohosts of YWA!"

amaya_borroto shared a tip "it’s an old one but i still like to listen to their episode about The Stepford Wives, spooky and insightful"

suzanna shared a tip "Perfect marriage of witty snark and research."

Kate Kremble's profile image

kate_kremble shared a tip "Great podcast! The hosts are great at breaking things down, and very humorous."

Petra Frittelli's profile image

petra_frittelli shared a tip "One of my favorites to relisten to. The hosts have a measured compassion that is soothing"

L Grow's profile image

l_grow shared a tip "Sorry, Why Are Dads recently changed their name to You Are Good"

Amelia Bienstock's profile image

amelia_bienstock shared a tip "I love every episode of this and wish it would go on forever"

Alexis Schade's profile image

alexis_schade shared a tip "Sarah has an amazing voice and sharp wit. I love her writing and analysis. Gobbling this up as fast as I can."

dana_whitney shared a tip "Really enjoyable and interesting"

Original Sonja's profile image

original_sonja shared a tip "It's truly on of my favorites"

Cerinawithasea 's profile image

Cerinawithasea shared a tip "Love this"

Chelsea Belfield's profile image

chelsea_belfield shared a tip "I'm not sure if I can pick. I listened to the whole 5 part series on Princess Diana"

Liliana Ortega Villalobos's profile image

liliana_ortega_vill shared a tip "I love this podcasts!"

kellye shared a tip "Interesting topics. Well researched. Good chemistry between the co-hosts."

Mary  Abraham's profile image

mary_abraham shared a tip "I really love true crime so Mile Higher and Morbid Podcast...really like the conversations both have"

Matt Calkins's profile image

matt_calkins shared a tip "Superb podcast about misconceptions and deep research into news topics from the past and present"

olivia stucki's profile image

olivia_stucki shared a tip "100% very entertaining and informational"

allison_mattern shared a tip "My favorite podcast EVER"

Rissa BoBissa's profile image

rissa_bobissa shared a tip "Absolutely one of my favorites. I really like the series they do about Princess Diana!"

Chanse Wareham's profile image

chanse_wareham shared a tip "Entertaining and informative."

Danielle Travers's profile image

danielle_travers shared a tip "I LOVED the OJ Simpson series, they did a VERY deep dive. How about you?"

Jen Kaufman's profile image

jen_kaufman shared a tip "Maintenance phase?"

Krista the Mama Bear's profile image

krista_the_mama_bear shared a tip "Totally my favorite lately..."

Ren Abel's profile image

ren_abel shared a tip "I literally love this podcast. Especially their O.J episodes. It is my favorite podcast by far"

jessica_wiggin shared a tip "I love this podcast!!"

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