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Jason Carroll is serving life in prison for a murder he says he didn’t commit. The only evidence against him? His own taped confession. More than 30 years later, is it possible to get to the truth – and who gets to tell it? More at bearbrookpodcast.com

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Release Date 1/23/23

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elizabeth_stewart shared a tip "Fascinating look at how the science and art of DNA genealogy is changing the world of crime investigation."

karen_ewing_219 shared a tip "The description is incorrect!"

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Tante143 shared a tip "NH Public Radio hits it out of the Park on this Podcast. Listened in 2 sittings (well, 1 cleaning!)"

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candiM shared a tip "Great podcast. Discusses how genealogy was used to assist in the case."

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margaret_robinson shared a tip "If you are a fan of Serial you will love this podcast."

emily_vinson_5244 shared a tip "One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to (and I’ve listened to a fair share of true crime pods. Excellent."

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marswaglio shared a tip "Listened to this after being suggested it on Likewise and it’s definitely worth it!"

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jessica_dickey_6193 shared a tip "This is the gold standard of true crime podcasts."

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caiti_6326 shared a tip "This might be the most insane pod/story I’ve ever heard… surprising that it’s not more well known. I’m late but wow. Good god."

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missy_narrance shared a tip "Tastefully done. No joking."

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jennifer_hedlund shared a tip "Awesome story told well."

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Cerinawithasea shared a tip "I was in tears. Don’t let anybody be forgotten"

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jess_temesy shared a tip "In the dark season 2 was amazing, S town, serial the first 2 seasons"

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maegan_goodwin_ellis shared a tip "My first and favorite!"

megan_lamattina shared a tip "Excellent"

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paula_richard_4593 shared a tip "It’s hard to narrow down a favorite episode…they were all good."

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courtney_goff shared a tip "That's tough. I never miss an episode of My Favorite Murder or Pantsuit Politics. Two very different shows but both well done."

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