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Candi M



Great investigative journalism. I had no prior knowledge about this story and throughout the podcast I was never confused or felt that any details were missing. 👍🏼👍🏼

Hoaxed imageHoaxed image


Podcasts | News

Fascinating story about a witty man who was motivated by money and kept wanting more and more.

Wolves Among Us imageWolves Among Us image

Wolves Among Us

Podcasts | Society & Culture

Great podcast. Love to hear the old timers give their recollection of events. Remarkable story about a women’s courage to face her father’s treacherous past.

Relative Unknown imageRelative Unknown image

Relative Unknown

Podcasts | Society & Culture

Fabulous show!!!! The writing is remarkable and the characters are awesome. Jeremy Renner is a force to he reckon with, stellar performance. 👍🏼👍🏼

Mayor of Kingstown imageMayor of Kingstown image

Mayor of Kingstown

Shows | Drama

Fabulous show! Jeremy Allen White is superb!!! A must see!

The Bear imageThe Bear image

The Bear


Wonderful movie!!!!! The writing was fantastic, the aerial footage was awesome and the casting was on point! Great job!!!!

Top Gun: Maverick imageTop Gun: Maverick image

Top Gun: Maverick

Movies | Action

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