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Welcome to Critical Role, home of a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors playing tabletop roleplaying games! Enter a world of glorious imagination and improvisation with a group of the finest collaborative storytellers around. Here you’ll find our TTRPG and adjacent shows, including Critical Role, Exan

Artist Critical Role

Track Count 314


Price $

Release Date 11/17/22

Explicitness Explicit

Country USA


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Me_and_the_family shared a tip "My fam and I LOVE CR."

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ali_neufeld shared a tip "The best ever!"

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jay_craw shared a tip "A very different DnD experience. But the world's are crafted so well and everyone is obviously having a fantastic time!"

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mya_5884 shared a tip "I haven't listened to it myself, but I hear Dungeons and Daddies is pretty good. @sarahlong21" 's profile image shared a tip "IS IT THURSDAY YET?"

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joshua_abram shared a tip "Voice actors and dungeons. What’s not to love?"

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andrew_pereira shared a tip "Simply amazing. Incredible people doing wonderful things."

Daniel Starling's profile image

daniel_starling shared a tip "Not really. I used to listen to judge John Hodgman and Wonderful! But it's been a while"

Ty Jerel's profile image

ty_jerel shared a tip "It's fun even if you don't like D&D, but do like Fantasy and Comedy"

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rae_elyse shared a tip "dnd and my fav voice actors? yes please!"

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caleb_richarson shared a tip "Comedic actual play D&D with character driven storytelling"

Joshua Kampe's profile image

joshua_kampe shared a tip "Absolutely Everything about this was one point. However, the audio is much better from the 2nd campaign on."

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