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Every weekday, TED Talks Daily brings you the latest talks in audio. Join host and journalist Elise Hu for thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable — from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology, and everything in between — given by the world's leading thinkers and creators. With TED Talks Dai

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Release Date 1/19/23

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Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "TED Talks offer so much great content. So many are both entertaining and educational. a great resource"

JM 's profile image

jane_morgan123 shared a tip "This is obvi a good one. I listen to it in the mornings"

Kris Perdew's profile image

krisperdew shared a tip "Never boring."

Jeffrey Clark's profile image

jeffrey_clark_9896 shared a tip "Love Ted Talks"

Sheepdog77 's profile image

sheep_dog77 shared a tip "I also like the NPR news now podcast. It’s a quick five minute listen and I can stay up to date without getting overwhelmed."

Sheepdog77 's profile image

sheep_dog77 shared a tip "Also, Against All Odds is great"

Sheepdog77 's profile image

sheep_dog77 shared a tip "Against The Odds, sorry. The one by Wondey"

Aj Bautista's profile image

ajbautista shared a tip "Bite-sized TED talks curated for you."

Tamara Belanger's profile image

tamara_belanger shared a tip "Yep"

Helen Paiva-DeMarco's profile image

helen_paiva-demarco shared a tip "Ddont have any really"

AN Que's profile image

an_que shared a tip "Yep. Love it. All the things I never knew I never knew but needed to know."

jack waller's profile image

jack_waller shared a tip "Aunestly I don't know of any yet but I'm quite possibly getting into them ...do you recommend any?"

Nichole Jones's profile image

nichole_jones shared a tip "I'm taking an RBT class for work and they send us videos to watch on Ted Talks Daily. Alot of good speakers."

Danielle Litzen's profile image

danielle_litzen shared a tip "They’re hit and miss for me, but overall I think they’re a good listen."

Carol Dalton's profile image

carol_dalton shared a tip "No"

John Watt's profile image

john_watt shared a tip "I wish this had been around 40 years ago🤔😳😕"

Veronica Ann De Guzman's profile image

veronica_ann_de_guzman shared a tip "It's good. Also has a pretty wide range of topics."

Charlene 's profile image

charlene_4271 shared a tip "It provides daily doses of interesting knowledge. It reminds me of the encyclopedia but as a podcast."

Jess Lohmann's profile image

jess_lohmann shared a tip "Depends on the subject matter you like. There’s definitely something for everyone"

Gabriel Dillon's profile image

gabriel_dillon shared a tip "No, I haven’t. I will have to check it out."

Samantha Christine's profile image

samantha_christine_7265 shared a tip "For sure. Especially if you're uncertain of what you want to hear... the random selection keeps things interesting."

Mary Stevens's profile image

mary_stevens_6659 shared a tip "How creative writing can help you through life’s difficult moments."

Annabel Dougherty's profile image

annabel_dougherty shared a tip "I enjoy it csuse they're within a 20 minute length or so and each one is a vastly different topic"

Sonja Hibbler's profile image

sonja_hibbler shared a tip "I love Tony Robbins and Joe Dispenza"

Khalid Ahmed's profile image

khalid_ahmed_4480 shared a tip "Yeah it’s nice and short. I pick some I don’t listen to each episode"

Andrea Stoltzfus's profile image

andrea_stoltzfus shared a tip "Yes! Do you also like radiolab?"

Jessi Rose's profile image

jessi_rose shared a tip "It certainly is. Lots to learn."

ev not eve's profile image

ev_not_eve shared a tip "I like it. Each episode is different (at least the ones I listened to) but they're all pretty cool."

Jeanie Marie Garcia's profile image

jeanie_marie_garcia shared a tip "Sorry, I really don’t. I am new to Ted 🙂"

Lainy Allen's profile image

lainy_allen shared a tip "My favorite is the happiness podcast. I've listened for years, and he is very responsive to listeners."

Muktass Rowland's profile image

muktass_rowland shared a tip "I’ll check that out !"

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