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There was no bias in this and it shined a light about how much social media affected this case and how much people who weren’t in the court room had a say in the case. I loved watching every minute of this. I wasn’t able to form my own opinion because of how much social media opinions I was exposed to. Now a year later, I’m able to push out everyone’s opinions and my own bias to really make my own opinion. It was super informational without favoring anyone, which I loved.

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Depp V Heard

Shows | Documentary

In love with this movie. Loved the gender swap most of all. Lots of laughs included. Gotta be my new favorite in the ghostbuster movie universe.

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Movies | Action

The ending felt very predictable, was still very heartwarming. Did feel infuriating at times, certain scenes felt a little over the top. Good watch, wouldn’t watch again.

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To Leslie

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There were so many #plottwists, I almost got whiplash. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I was screaming at some scenes because I could not believe what was happening. I am IN LOVE with the way this movie was made (POV) and IN LOVE with how thrilling it was. This was absolutely beautiful.

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Movies | Thriller

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