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Winemaker, Justin Basel (son of Basil Cellars) offers a boutique tasting experience with a modern twist. We “took the oath” and joined the wine club.

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Solemn Cellars

1825 J B George Road, Walla Walla


Agree, found myself researching historical events like the trip to Ghana and her relationship with Jackie Kennedy.

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The Crown

Shows | Drama

Addicted to Eve’s Bowl with Freekah, veggies and chicken perfect for date-night and if you made an “eat healthy” resolution.

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Eve Fremont

704 North 34th ST, Seattle

Restaurants | American (New)

Half way through and reconnecting with my childhood in Indiana (very endearing) ...but conflicted because its a limited view of the people and culture.

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Hillbilly Elegy

Books | J. D. Vance

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