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Just crazy a geek


Dream inside a dream in another dream outside having a dream while inside having a dream in a dream dream while have a a dream! #drama #mystery #thriller

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Movies | Action

Harry Potter if it was actually good! #fiction #family_friendly mystery

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Johnny bravo in Space! #animation #anime #science_fiction #comedy #adventure

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Space Dandy

Shows | Animation

Pretty good doesn’t need more seasons to be enjoyed. Stop complaining about it not being Dark! You already doomed it for yourself from the start when you’re trying to relive another show! 🤣 #drama #mystery #science_fiction

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Shows | Mystery

Seriously review for once. This is great and really important show. We more media like this. People need open their minds to the LGBTQ community more and stop with the hate. Take the first step by educating yourself and watch shows like this. #education #lgbt #lgbtq #queer

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We're Here


Who says you can’t be actor and paid killer?! It’s getting your career going everyone needs a side job in the meantime! #comedy

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Shows | Comedy

Good why does Batman talk like that? Someone get this man some cough drops! #drama #crime #comic_book_adaptations #superheroes #action

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The Dark Knight

Movies | Drama

What kinds of drugs is this girl on?! Asking for a friend… 👀 #animation #disney

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Alice in Wonderland

Movies | Animation

I know why he has a red nose… Stop snorting cocaine Rudolph! You’re supposed to be role model d@mn it! #family_friendly #christmas

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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Movies | Animation

That little guy can cook! Don’t discriminate against rats! At least they wash their paws unlike you Steve! #fiction#fantasy#family_friendly #animation

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Movies | Animation

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