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retired TV/Movie junkie, huuuuge sports fan


I love this show. Terrific ensemble cast, funny characters. Loved "Hamilton" but love how the Isaac character is always bagging on the "original"

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Shows | Comedy

Excellent! Great story, Holland & Wahlburg terrific "anti-buddy tension." Lots of action sequences & few plot twists to keep you guessing. You'll like it

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Movies | Adventure

BIG Jamie Foxx fan and he didn't disappoint. Snappy lines, big budget action sequences & some Snoop Dogg. If you like some gore, martial arts, car chases, etc THIS IS IT

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Day Shift

Movies | Fantasy

Campy but a lot of fun. Eclectic cast but Martin Short is funny no matter the script. Steve Martin is comedy legend, Selena Gomez plays the snarky, brooding third wheel very well. Glad they made second season.

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Only Murders in the Building

Shows | Comedy

Should have been five episodes or less. Lots of action but clichéd "corrupt government wrongs hero" script has been done to death (pun intended!) Lighting budget must have been slashed, seems like half the scenes were done in total darkness.

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The Terminal List

Shows | Action & Adventure

Exceptional!!! Part "24" part "Homeland." John Lithgow is superb but 77-year old Jeff Bridges is impressive in what appears to be physically demanding role. Either exceptional stunt double filming or "The Old Man" still got it!!!! Great storyline

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The Old Man

Shows | Action & Adventure

They had me at Bryan Cranston (and math......) but this was just fun. Definitely a watch

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Jerry & Marge Go Large


With all the legal political wranglings happen now, Popok and Meiselas are the best at breaking down in plain language what can & likely will happen and why. Terrific weekly Saturday night YouTube AND audio podcasts and midweek edition with Karen Friedman

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Legal AF by MeidasTouch

Podcasts | News Commentary

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