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A sad story about two friends deep diving and discovering the body of a lost diver. After the body was discovered, the friends vowed to recover the body for the man's family. On the second dive, that's when the worst that could happen did, and a recovery expedition was needed to recover the body and one of the friends.

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Dave Not Coming Back

Movies | Documentary

7/10 A sad and touching #supernatural #thriller about a 10 year old girl piecing together the clues her new mysterious friend leaves for her, in an effort to help her find the "thing she took, the thing she stole, the thing she lost.". As the girl puts the pieces together, her family begins to act quite strangely towards her and she begins to see how her new friend's story affects them, but by the time she puts the puzzle completely together, it's too late. A little spooky, a little thrilling and a little mystery make this a great movie to put you in the mood for Halloween!

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Martyrs Lane

Movies | Horror

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