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I binged the whole Portal Wars saga by James E Wisher in a week or so. It’s seven books and the author themselves posts the audiobooks on YouTube. Which I don’t understand because the writing so so fantastic I would have payed $25 per book minimum. Loved the series, now in love with the author and about to binge the rest of their work too! Highly recommend!!

The Sanguine Scroll imageThe Sanguine Scroll image

The Sanguine Scroll

Books | James E Wisher

Amazing! Great character development, you get involved with the story. Makes you feel all kinds of stuff. Highly recommend.

The Hidden Tower imageThe Hidden Tower image

The Hidden Tower

Books | James E Wisher

Not the best but not the worst. A soft quick read.

Colony One Mars imageColony One Mars image

Colony One Mars

Books | Gerald M. Kilby

Beautiful imagery. Love the story. I'm usually a sci-fi fan and I loved Martha Wells’ Murderbot Diaries. So I gave this book a try and I'm so glad I did. An enticing and exciting read!

City of Bones imageCity of Bones image

City of Bones

Books | Martha Wells

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