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A Compelling Deep Dive into Restaurant Culture. 🔥 I thought this was really interesting regarding how restaurants and employees in different environments operate. You get to see the impact of toxic work culture with high level pressure for perfection, the undermining and sabotage of others, verbal abuse vs encouragement in employees, and on. I watched this show before watching “The Menu” recently and it connected a lot of dots with the abusive perfectionist culture in restaurants, and other arts, and the impact on mental health, when something that you once loved can turn into something that brings you emotional distress and pain, from toxic interpersonal environments. It’s worth the watch. Trigger warnings ⚠️for suicide, violence, substance use, emotional abuse, etc.

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The Bear


Heart Melting. Bittersweet. Beautiful. 🥰 This is a beautiful show. The plot is very deep and meaningful regarding healthy male role models, being authentic in your identity, dreams, passions, and goals, and so much more. I loved how this series looks at generational changes in ideas of masculinity and how much the family members were able to grow and learn. I cried many times while feeling many different emotions. Have a tissue box nearby and be prepared for all the feels. 😭🥰🥹❤️‍🩹🫶🏼

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Shows | Drama

Fascinating. Dark Humor Satire. Amazing Acting. 5 Stars⭐️ There are many social and class dynamics depicted. There is an abundance of existential philosophy veiled through the character dialogue. I loved how many of the characters, discussions, and conflicts were used as metaphors for life and issues of class, social/economic mobility, gatekeeping, and extreme wealth. The delivery of the lines and the nonverbal performance are incredible. John Leguizamo said that working with the cast was like watching a master class in acting. I completely agree with his sentiment. The attention to detail and cinematography are next level amazing. I highly recommend watching the supplementary bonus content on The Menu because it is astounding how much research, thought, dedication, time, and work was put into this film. Spoilers after this point. *************************** ****************************************** There were so many ICONIC lines in this film.🔥There are so many but here are some of my fave! 👇🏼 “You will eat less than you desire and more than you deserve.” - Elsa “But you, my dear guests, are not the common man.”- Chef Slowik “I mean, he’s always been keenly aware of food as a history of class, I mean as have I.” - Lillian “put you on the map.”——- “Map. Precisely what map would that be… I wonder.” - Chef Slowik “Student loans?” - Chef Slowik “There is no way to avoid the mess. The mess you make of your life, of your body, of your sanity, by giving everything you have to pleasing people you will never know.” - Chef Slowik “You cook with obsession not love.” - Margot Trigger Warnings ⚠️ Violence, suicide, discussion of sexual harassment and assault, lots of surprise shocking scenes, a little bit of gore but very minimal, however the shock/emotional impact might be higher, etc.

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The Menu

Movies | Horror

Cute. Goofy. Heart Warming. I love K-Drama/Rom Coms. There is so much humor and goofiness interlaced through the stories, while also including emotional intelligence, discussions of existential issues, and philosophical/ethical quandaries. All these elements combined together provide for so much light hearted entertainment, hilariousness, and simultaneous emotional depth underneath it all.

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Romance Is a Bonus Book

Shows | Comedy

Powerful & Intensely Metaphorical. This film is thought provoking in a way that takes significant multilevel analysis on the individual, community, and macro societal level. The social commentary is top notch. 5 Stars ⭐️ Spoilers after this point *********** **************************** ******** Trigger warnings ⚠️ for sexual assault, gore, violence, trauma, systemic trauma, & on. There is so much to the concept of the “villain” that transcends generations of trauma, history, and power dynamics. There is a profound display of the different types of individuals involved in these dynamics. There are individuals who assist and actively enable harm to continue. There are individuals who passively allow the continuation of the harm while trying to help in a small ways, due to fear of harm being done to themselves if they help “too much”. Individuals who stand up to the harm and whom are destroyed in the process. Then collective individuals who organize, band together to address the harm, to bring the issues into the “light of day”, and who want to change the world for themselves and for future generations. (Aka intersectional feminism) This is a powerful film. I could be wrong but the villain seemed like an age old depiction of the personification of intersectional oppression/toxic masculinity/patriarchy, old toxic power dynamics, etc. I could probably discuss this film in a 10 page essay going into symbolism and how social systems and power dynamics work however, I’ll end my review there for now.

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Run Sweetheart Run

Movies | Horror

Suspenseful Black Mirror-esque Corporate Purgatory. I loved the themes around toxic work culture, especially in corporate environments, lack of compassion or empathy from management, and late stage capitalism. I won’t give away any spoilers but I think many people already relate to the soul draining reductionistic monotonous work structure in which alienation and disconnection ensues in their everyday jobs as depicted in this series. This is very slow moving and takes a long time to progress so it might not be for everyone. I felt like it was dragging a bit when I wanted to know the answers however, the suspense and acting are extremely well done. The cast is phenomenal especially Patricia Arquette.

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Interesting, Gory, and Satisfying with lots of Visual Imagery. 🔥This was a great addition to the Predator sci-fi series. I loved to see the Indigenous/Native American Representation.

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Movies | Horror

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