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my journey of falling in love people from words on paper

it is the most well written book ive ever read, madelaine is a genius! and patrochilles story is the epitome of soulmates. however if you enjoy fast paced books this might bore you the first 250 pages. solid 3.5/5

The Song of Achilles imageThe Song of Achilles image

The Song of Achilles

Books | Madeline Miller

this book was literally the perfect closure to america’s the selection era, i cried with this book and also felt like the happiest person alive. eventhough the first half of the book was slow it was truly amazing ugh, im in love with everythinf in it, solid 4.5/5

The One imageThe One image

The One

Books | Kiera Cass

i know many people disliked this book because of how irritating it was, however to me it was like feeling a necessary frustration, the drama between characters is crazy intriguing i could not stop reading, it conveyed so many emotions i even sobbed in some parts but screamed with joy in others so i’ll give this a 3.8/5

The elite imageThe elite image

The elite

Books | Kiera Cass

i give this book a 3/5 since, at first, the book was a little slow-paced compared to others by james dashner which i wasnt a fan off, however being able to see newt’s pov and the workings of the flare in him kept me going and omg the last few chapters did not disappoint, def made it all worth it. especially how it all perfectly lead up to the epilogue!

Crank Palace imageCrank Palace image

Crank Palace

Books | James Dashner

it provides such a confusing opening and captivating intro to the characters and especially the setting to the universe that keeps you intrigued to the rest of the series playing out which i think is a perfect opening, however it is probably the least favorite of the books because although the plot keeps you on your toes it wasnt as intricate as the others, 3.5/5

The Maze Runner imageThe Maze Runner image

The Maze Runner

Books | James Dashner

my second favorite of the maze runner series, the action and scenery are fully captivating and the changes in the characters dinamic are extremely interesting to see play out, 5/5 book for sure!

The Scorch Trials imageThe Scorch Trials image

The Scorch Trials

Books | James Dashner

i genuinely thoroughly enjoyed this classic! i disnt expect to relate to jane eyre as much as i did and be as captivated by love as i was, 4/5!

Jane Eyre imageJane Eyre image

Jane Eyre

Books | Charlotte Bronte

it was sooo good, i just find it a little slow compared to the others but still so crucial to the story so a 3.8/5! the writing as always is impecable

The Death Cure imageThe Death Cure image

The Death Cure

Books | James Dashner

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