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Ali Bassler



Dark and twisty, it gives "sixth sense" vibes and slowly reveals the plot-endgame for Teddy Marshall.

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Shutter Island

Movies | Drama

Jesse Eisenberg does a fine job portraying the tech savvy creator with social awkwardness. This movie shows an inside look to the tumultuous start up of FACEBOOK and its battles of legal power. Truly a "once you've seen it" that's likely enough.

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The Social Network

Movies | Drama

A fabulous untold story of when radium was all the rage but consequences were unknown till this historically accurate rendition. A must see.

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Radium Girls


Great updated rendition to a timeless classic. The cast is outstanding.

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Little Women

Movies | Drama

Overall a great Marvel movie but I don't particularly like the role of Michael B Jordan. However he makes a convincing villan with what I'm not fond of. The movie showcases a hidden jem city that is way more advanced that the rest of the world knows & shows how that secret is kept as well as how it interacts with the world as a whole with humans proclivity to self destruction. I suggest watching in Marvel order & not in chronological released dates. Keep an eye out for post credit scenes, 1-2.

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Black Panther

Movies | Action

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