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The movie highlights what he endured during his deployment and subsequent capture. That's what really messes him up and then to go back and try to be like nothing happened. PTSD and he feels like he can't share what really happened. Excellent cast and acting all around. The clips of what he went through while over in Afghanistan seems to be why it's rated R. Enjoy

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Movies | Drama

Things go south and the adopted children of a great mom pull together to find her killer in a ride or die fashion. Great set of actors and the action is intense. Not intended for younger viewers.

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Four Brothers

Movies | Action

Tons of twists and turns and super addicting. Great acting for the original cast. I'm not overly fond of Brianna and Rodger, their chemistry is lacking. Take your time watching... sone scenes are sensitive and might be triggers for people who were SA'd. For the most part they portray those in a way to align to victims feelings. Time travel, global travel, and tons of adventures!!

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Shows | Drama

An excellent performance by Will Smith and is told in an authentic manner to the real life story.

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King Richard

Movies | Drama

This movie was what triggered my first celebrity crush of Dicaprio and I've since followed his work. Even though I no longer have the crush; he's a great actor. This movie made a modern version of Shakespeare that youth could get into and follow. From the cast, production all the way through the soundtrack it captures a pop kind of youth and is very enjoyable.

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Romeo + Juliet

Movies | Drama

Although there are several historical and cultural inconsistencies with the "set time period", it's a great movie of distopian society, war, rebellion and love. There are other movies that address a follow up on Robert the Bruce so be sure to check it out as well.

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Movies | Action

Great updated rendition to a timeless classic. The cast is outstanding.

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Little Women

Movies | Drama

A really entertaining watch! Nice blend of comedy and mystery.

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Murder Mystery

Movies | Action

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