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Alistair James



Excellent - 4 seasons presenting excellent research and references in an easily accessible format. Extremely interesting and has led me to spend a lot on books that I have enjoyed but would have not otherwise have found. I particularly enjoyed season 4 on prehistory. Patrick Wyman presents work very well and has improved his work over the years in a natural and logical progression, trying new ways to deliver the information in new ways to make the show more informative and interesting

Tides of History imageTides of History image

Tides of History

Podcasts | History

Loved this book. Provides a well researched perspective on history and brings questions on how we view the world from a post 1600’s Eurocentric philosophical perspective

The Dawn of Everything imageThe Dawn of Everything image

The Dawn of Everything

Books | David Graeber

Wonderful book. One that I will read again as there a lot to gain from knowing the outcome and watching the story unfold again

The Fifth Season imageThe Fifth Season image

The Fifth Season

Books | N. K. Jemisin

Great read for those interested in a turbulent time in the world.

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Hero of Two Worlds

Books | Mike Duncan

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