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Andrew Abbey



I love things that are dope


Doesn’t compare to the originals but a fun watch in its own right

Jurassic World imageJurassic World image

Jurassic World

Movies | Action

Fun watch with some solid laughs. My parents loved it

Shotgun Wedding imageShotgun Wedding image

Shotgun Wedding

Movies | Comedy

Loved the show. The strategic chess moves of light and his pursuers. The brutality. Fun watch

Death Note imageDeath Note image

Death Note

Shows | Animation

Good show. Gore heavy with a solid storyline to boot.

Invincible imageInvincible image


Shows | Animation

My first anime ever and all I can say is wow. The show was not only suspenseful and action packed, but also compelling and thoughtful. It truly blurred the lines of good and evil. I personally saw symbolism that made me think of WW2 and the decisions that were made.

Attack on Titan imageAttack on Titan image

Attack on Titan

Shows | Animation

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