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beginning from 2022!! focusing on books :)


This was a good read! I really liked how complex Hannah’s character is, and how she has some “bad” qualities too. There were some parts I didn’t expect, but others where I knew exactly what was coming.

A Danger to Herself and Others imageA Danger to Herself and Others image

A Danger to Herself and Others

Books | Alyssa Sheinmel

It was a good read! Gave me a good cry . I liked the ending, though it’s not the one that I thought I wanted, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. It’s perfect in its own way!

One True Loves imageOne True Loves image

One True Loves

Books | Taylor Jenkins Reid

I really liked this one! slightly similar to the night circus, but it took dark turns that I didn’t really expect. I liked how the romance wasn’t the main focus, but I do wish that the ending was a little more elaborate.

Hotel Magnifique imageHotel Magnifique image

Hotel Magnifique

Books | Emily J. Taylor

This was a great book! I loved it. I picked it up not knowing what to expect at all, and I wasn’t disappointed. I didn’t expect the plot twists and this wasn’t very predictable to me.

Hidden Pictures imageHidden Pictures image

Hidden Pictures

Books | Jason Rekulak

I absolutely adore this book. I do wish that the romance was a bit more focused on because I feel like big jumps were made. But, the descriptiveness of everything else makes up for it. I felt like I was taken to a whole new world, the written words painting perfect images in my mind. The way it was written was perfect, I absolutely love it.

The Night Circus imageThe Night Circus image

The Night Circus

Books | Erin Morgenstern

Okay honestly, it was pretty weird to me at first. But I actually liked the way it ended. I feel like the characters were well written, and that’s always something to appreciate. This book definitely is not for everyone though.

Credence imageCredence image


Books | Penelope Douglas

I haven’t read much fantasy, so this one was really good to me! I honestly didn’t expect some or the plot twists, though some were predictable. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series though!

Red Queen imageRed Queen image

Red Queen

Books | Victoria Aveyard

If you like fake dating romances, then go for it. I thought it was pretty good. But, the dual POV would get confusing at times for me, and I feel like not much of it was actual plot.

The Wedding Date imageThe Wedding Date image

The Wedding Date

Books | Jasmine Guillory

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