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I like media ranging from horror that gives you the creeps to cringey teen drama 😅 follow me on Instagram @banshee.pans if you like makeup as well as books and movies 🥰


The heaviest of the Degrassi series. Better than The Next Generation.

Degrassi: Next Class imageDegrassi: Next Class image

Degrassi: Next Class

Shows | Drama

Very emotional sci-fi movie. It feels really slow, in a good way. Lots of unexpected twists. I wish there were less flashing lights towards the end, they're completely unnecessary besides making it difficult to watch for strobe-sensitive viewers.

I Am Mother imageI Am Mother image

I Am Mother

Movies | Science Fiction

This book gets a lot of hype and deserves all of it. It really exhibits how to apply suspense in a procedural thriller, and still have proper character development throughout. This is one of those books that is simultaneously plot and character driven, and there's lots of people to hate in this book, which is fun.

The Silence of the Lambs imageThe Silence of the Lambs image

The Silence of the Lambs

Books | Thomas Harris

Intense character-driven book with an actually effective plot twist. Despite having an "oh, duh" moment at the end, I really couldn't have guessed it. Hopkins always writes very fleshed-out characters you deeply invest in. I enjoyed a more typical writing style with some of her poetry interspersed to pack extra punch. Despite being a clearly political book, it doesn't feel forced, and even the bad guys aren't one-sided. While the author could have easily fallen back on stereotypes, she didn't. TW: DEATH, GUNS, CHILD SA, DRUGS, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

People Kill People imagePeople Kill People image

People Kill People

Books | Ellen Hopkins

Unless you have a strange fascination with Japanese snack food and the stories behind it, you may want to skip this one. The main plot issue doesn't even get resolved lol it's just snack food

Dagashi Kashi imageDagashi Kashi image

Dagashi Kashi

Shows | Animation

It's a good sequel to Summer of Night, although it's not as good as the first novel. Not a "must read" after Summer of Night and definitely not as exciting or climactic but I think it was intended to have the despondent tone to it.

A Winter Haunting imageA Winter Haunting image

A Winter Haunting

Books | Dan Simmons

This is more than just a creepy mystery - the themes of how people approach mental illness was really relatable and deepened the plot and character interactions.

The Lost Village imageThe Lost Village image

The Lost Village

Books | Camilla Sten

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