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I am interested in horror, science fiction, philosophical/spiritual works, and paranormal/supernatural non-fiction books/documentaries. No slasher films , though. Those got old for me a long time ago.


This movie is amazing!! The idea of transplanting a human brain into a robotic body is not new, but raises a few questions for me, like is there a distinction between the brain and the mind. Also, is the brain (or mind) the seat of conciousness or the the soul (apologies to any atheists who might be reading this). On top of that, near the end, some very practical and important questions are raised. Only time will provide the answers, but I cannot say that I am optimistic.

The Beyond imageThe Beyond image

The Beyond

Movies | Science Fiction

Interesting supernatural twist on a "whodunnit".

The Night House imageThe Night House image

The Night House

Movies | Horror

This finally became available to stream for free on Prime. Good movie, but some of the effects seemed a bit low budget, like the fires crackling in the boiler room, for example. Something was left unexplained though - unless I missed it.

God Told Me To imageGod Told Me To image

God Told Me To

Movies | Horror

I love movies like this. I have a pretty good idea where this road is. I also have a fiendish urge to put up the Marcott sign 😁

Dead End imageDead End image

Dead End

Movies | Mystery

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