Brenda Wilson



Love Nicolas Cage in most things but not all. This one is a keeper. 

Guarding Tess imageGuarding Tess image

Guarding Tess

Movies | Comedy

Haven’t finished it yet but plan to. Pretty clever. 

Better Things imageBetter Things image

Better Things

Shows | Comedy

Excellent. Heart stopper. Heart racer. 

The Firm imageThe Firm image

The Firm

Movies | Drama

Really close to real life. Stuff that you see on 20/20. 

Single White Female imageSingle White Female image

Single White Female

Movies | Thriller

I love Tom Hanks. Enough said. 

The Terminal imageThe Terminal image

The Terminal

Movies | Comedy

I like Eddie Murphy so the movie is pretty good. 

The Golden Child imageThe Golden Child image

The Golden Child

Movies | Action

Oooooo, this is kind of a sleeper. Awesome! I watched it more than once. 

The Saint imageThe Saint image

The Saint

Movies | Thriller

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