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Had a good plot. It was worth watching. The music score in the film was very different and a refreshing break from the norm. Some parts of the movie felt a little ‘B’ish but it was shot well with a good cast and directing. The script just could have used a little more polish and the cutting crew just a little higher quality. But still worth the watch. Funny in parts and disturbing in others. Good twists. I wasn’t sorry I watched it.

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I Care a Lot

Movies | Thriller

I really enjoyed watching this series. It kept me wondering all the time who the bad guys really were. They were able to continually twist the plot to keep you from guessing where things were going. I also like that a season is one story. The episodes tell a piece of the story. Well done. Good characters. Some you care for some you will hate. That makes it good when you buy into a character enough that you dislike the character the actor is playing. Each season is loosely tied together too so I would recommend starting from the first season.

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Line of Duty

Shows | Crime

A good British police method show. It’s done well and engaging. These shows form the British don’t have a lot of violence and guns like American police drama. These concentrate of the method of solving the case and the character interactions with a healthy dose of unraveling a mystery.

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DCI Banks

Shows | Crime

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