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Caitlyn Zeferino


Made me ugly cry. It's so amazing how she can find the joy in life after all she has been through. The author is so great at making the reader empathize instead of villanizing everyone, you see the world from everyone's perspectives. Truly amazing book.

The Love of My Life imageThe Love of My Life image

The Love of My Life

Books | Rosie Walsh

A very real depiction of how demanding the arts can be and what it really takes to chase your dream. Soooo many small sacrifices until you have nothing left to sacrifice.

The Happiest Girl in the World imageThe Happiest Girl in the World image

The Happiest Girl in the World

Books | Alena Dillon

Made me fall in love with contemporary books. The author is descriptive but not overly descriptive. The love stories between her and both men are just beautiful, and the representation of grief is so genuine. After losing so many people in my life this book made me cry with realization that I am not alone.

One True Loves imageOne True Loves image

One True Loves

Books | Taylor Jenkins Reid

Absolutely lovely romance. It is funny and heartwarming, and culturally accurate. People judge, and ridicule, but some are sweet, and fun. I love how every character has a purpose besides being a side character in this book, so make sure to pay attention to them ;)

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Archer's Voice

Books | Mia Sheridan

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