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Callie Keisler



Just a simp that loves trash


Beautiful to watch. Generational trauma at its most entertaining

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Movies | Animation

The acting is amazing and the insight into this infamous story is the height of entertainment

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I, Tonya

Movies | Drama

Classic D-com. Funny and light. Great family flicK

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Cool Runnings

Movies | Comedy

Not a banger story but has alot of little things from the game. If you like cringe, give it a watch

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Movies | Action

It's not scary, but themes in this movie haunt me.

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The Time Machine

Movies | Science Fiction

Delightfully campy.

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Movies | Adventure

This, to me, is the definitive Peter Pan. It has all the child wonder and lore, stays true to the store, and is visually stunning.

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Peter Pan

Movies | Adventure

It hit an odd balance between creative and lacking. You can tell alot of love and thought was put into this basic plot line, but they didn't have a nought money for the special affects. Over all an interesting well designed movie and hook really stands out.

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Movies | Adventure

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