Candice A.


Such a dark and mysterious read, I liked this a lot!

Wuthering Heights imageWuthering Heights image

Wuthering Heights

Books | Emily Brontë

I can't believe I forgot about this series! I need to reread these ASAP. What a wonderful and whimsical story for book lovers!

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Books | Cornelia Funke

Jane Austen is such a wonderful author, I wish her books were more popular in American public education.

Pride and Prejudice imagePride and Prejudice image

Pride and Prejudice

Books | Jane Austen

Oh my goodness I loved this book, my teacher read it aloud to us in middle school and I can still remember all the voices she did!

The Outsiders imageThe Outsiders image

The Outsiders

Books | S. E. Hinton

I loved this book, I might just reread it!

Ender's Game imageEnder's Game image

Ender's Game

Books | Orson Scott Card

This is like Arabian Nights in that the stories are all connected and don't really stop. Read this over a weekend, it's very hard to put down! Note - this is NOT about men turning to cockroaches (NOT Metamorphosis by Kafka), and in my humble but honest opinion, all the better for it. I loved these stories and I'm sure you will too!

The Metamorphoses imageThe Metamorphoses image

The Metamorphoses

Books | Ovid

Russian novels take you to emotional and psychological extremes from the comfort of your own cozy little mind. Crime and Punishment is no exception, and it's way shorter than Anna Karenina or Brothers Karamazov (also excellent books), so great for busy people. Happy ending, by the way, but in the thick of the novel you won't believe me. If you're feeling a lot of things right now and are looking for a safe but cathartic reading experience, this book is for you. Just sweat out the feels.

Crime and Punishment imageCrime and Punishment image

Crime and Punishment

Books | Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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