Candice A.


Such a dark and mysterious read, I liked this a lot!

Wuthering Heights imageWuthering Heights image

Wuthering Heights

Books | Emily Brontë

I can't believe I forgot about this series! I need to reread these ASAP. What a wonderful and whimsical story for book lovers!

Inkheart imageInkheart image


Books | Cornelia Funke

Jane Austen is such a wonderful author, I wish her books were more popular in American public education.

Pride and Prejudice imagePride and Prejudice image

Pride and Prejudice

Books | Jane Austen

Oh my goodness I loved this book, my teacher read it aloud to us in middle school and I can still remember all the voices she did!

The Outsiders imageThe Outsiders image

The Outsiders

Books | S. E. Hinton

I loved this book, I might just reread it!

Ender's Game imageEnder's Game image

Ender's Game

Books | Orson Scott Card

This is like Arabian Nights in that the stories are all connected and don't really stop. Read this over a weekend, it's very hard to put down! Note - this is NOT about men turning to cockroaches (NOT Metamorphosis by Kafka), and in my humble but honest opinion, all the better for it. I loved these stories and I'm sure you will too!

The Metamorphoses imageThe Metamorphoses image

The Metamorphoses

Books | Ovid

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