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refreshingly happy movie with a great cast. You'll easily develop a crush on Brey and enjoy thoroughly disliking Bobby, the mother-in-law. You can actually feel the character's giddiness as the movie progresses. There are several life lessons dispersed throughout. I'm not usually a fan of this genre. But, this is a winner! Kid friendly. This movie leaves a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

The Secret: Dare to Dream imageThe Secret: Dare to Dream image

The Secret: Dare to Dream

Movies | Drama

Based on joint intelligence of two countries. Interesting. I needed another season!

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Pine Gap

Shows | Drama

Binge watched all 5 seasons in one week. I couldn't turn off the tv. I loved the turn of the century setting. It wasn't a predictable series. One of the best crime dramas that i have seen. Don't expect to see much about the Ripper. It's set right after the last of the Ripper's murders.

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Ripper Street

Shows | Drama

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