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i’m kinda like a prettier jesus she/they


UGH THIS IS SO GOOD OML. i love how it ends like... did jacob rlly do it or not? SPOILER SPOILER! i don’t rlly like the suprise car crash but it was good at showing her mental deterioration because of the entire situation

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Defending Jacob

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finished this so quickly its such a beautiful book and DAMN i did not expect that to happen (“that” being like half the book lol) will definitely be buying more from nicola 🤍

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Everything, Everything

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will have you SOBBING i stg :( it’s so good truly i could watch this movie over and over again and never get tired of it. mckenna is such an amazing little actress and i can’t wait to see her future endeavors in the industry! also chris was soso good in this one he truly executed this role so well and it was kind of...unexpected ig! he’s amazing 10/10! also octavia was so good in this film i really loved the way she played roberta and how she was kind of a mother figure for mary.

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