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i’m kinda like a prettier jesus she/they


UGH THIS IS SO GOOD OML. i love how it ends like... did jacob rlly do it or not? SPOILER SPOILER! i don’t rlly like the suprise car crash but it was good at showing her mental deterioration because of the entire situation

Defending Jacob imageDefending Jacob image

Defending Jacob

Shows | Drama

finished this so quickly its such a beautiful book and DAMN i did not expect that to happen (“that” being like half the book lol) will definitely be buying more from nicola 🤍

Everything, Everything imageEverything, Everything image

Everything, Everything

Books | Nicola Yoon

SPOILER ALERT DONT READ THIS COMMENT IF U JUST STARTED THE BOOK!!!!! HEY I STILL SEE YOU JUST SCROLL PAST THIS COMMENT!!! just finished reading this and it’s amazing. never expected the after and when it happened i was in total shock. losing alaska was heartbreaking. i could have never expected after getting that attached to her for green to write her off like that! will definitely be reading more of green’s books in the future ❤️ #ilovedthisbooklike10xmorethanithoughtiwould #imcryinglol

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Looking for Alaska

Books | John Green

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