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Claudette Johnson



A quick favorite sci-fi dystopian. An odd vibe of enchanting darkness that I loved bit don't feel like I could watch again.

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Bird Box

Movies | Thriller

Will Smith in a serious role. Not outrageous sci-fi dystopian.

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I Am Legend

Movies | Drama

Filmed near my hometown. Both an escape down memory lane and a refresher of the fact that I chose to start life anew elsewhere.

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Shows | Crime

Julia Roberts ❤️

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Runaway Bride

Movies | Comedy

A not overly cornet Adam Sandler movie. This one has aged better with time and my own maturation than many of his others. I also have a thing for the movies Adam and Drew worked together in.

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The Wedding Singer

Movies | Romance

I don't remember this book plot but I can remember I liked it. I read it in upper middle school or maybe freshman year if highschool. I remember reading on it twice, once not finishing it and I seemed to have it from the library for a long time. The cover was very striking to me back then.

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In the Woods

Books | Tana French

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