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I enjoyed this movie, but I felt it didn’t live up to the expectations for a Jordan peele movie. Daniel Kaluuya was great in this role, and the movie was shot beautifully. Definitely worth a watch, just with lower expectations

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Movies | Mystery

I was hesitant to buy into the hype surrounding this movie and the return of Brendan Fraser, but it was totally warranted. Just an unbelievably moving performance by Fraser that will challenge you to leave the theater with dry eyes

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The Whale

Movies | Drama

A good modern slasher movie. It definitely reminds me of a new age “hostel” style movie, that goes for shock value over plot. Still worth a watch even in its over 2 hour run time

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Terrifier 2


A great lesser known (probably due to streaming on epix) Stephen kind adaptation. I’ve always been an Adrien Brody fan, and I feel he is cast perfectly for this role. Very atmospheric and keeps you engaged

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Personally I love this movie, granted I don’t really know why since the plot is all over the place. Just a fun 70’s horror movie with one of the coolest cars that’s up there with Christine

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Movies | Horror

I really liked the pacing of this film. The constant twists and turns and never really having a grasp of where the film was heading really made it stand out

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Movies | Thriller

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