Excellent story with the romance truly for once being genuine and a subplot rather than the whole plot. Plus, sea lore and a pantheon of deities. What's not to love, really?

Skin of the Sea imageSkin of the Sea image

Skin of the Sea

Books | Natasha Bowen

Many MC's, including a lesbian autistic reporter geek and twin deaf scientists. Sapphic romance, horrifying sirens and lotta science.

Into the Drowning Deep imageInto the Drowning Deep image

Into the Drowning Deep

Books | Mira Grant

100% recommend for LGBTQ sci-fi! Much more than a romance, an incredibly interesting plot and honestly makes you think a little bit. In the best possible way.

The Darkness Outside Us imageThe Darkness Outside Us image

The Darkness Outside Us

Books | Eliot Schrefer

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