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Cory Wessels



I loved this movie! I thought the store line was amazing, the action was great. I want more!

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Movies | Action

It was good but it could have picked up the pace a bit. It kind of felt like one long intro for the second movie when ever that comes out

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Movies | Action

It was good! Very emotional

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No Time to Die

Movies | Action

This was a good story line and if your a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race there is a lot of cameos. I really hope there is a change of heart and a season 2 is made.

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AJ and the Queen

Shows | Comedy

It's a fun good humor show

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Great News

Shows | Comedy

Fun, funny show. Really sad it didn't get a 4th season

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Santa Clarita Diet

Shows | Comedy

Was a very good show to watch! Gives you a good satire look into how elections go about.

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The Politician

Shows | Comedy

This is probably one of my favorite shows of all time! It has such good lessons in it and hilarious. It's not about finding the good and the bad people, it's about trying our best and loving and supporting one another. I seriously get emotional each time watching this.

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The Good Place

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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