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completelY OBSESSED WOW WTF . every fleck of tension continuously BUILDS INTO THIS monster fire that refuses to go out and the ending - i havent been punched in thE FACE BY AN ENDING LIKE THAT IN FOREVER. absolutely taken aback. READ THIS

Behind Her Eyes imageBehind Her Eyes image

Behind Her Eyes

Books | Sarah Pinborough

this was one of the best books i have ever read!!! i picked it because of the cover but was surprised at the brutal, gothic, romance that purged from the book. it was a heartwrenching, feverdream reminiscent of crimson peak. the tone of the book was my favorite; dark, hollow but so full of life and hope and magic. the ending was a pleasant surprise and i wish i could erase the book from my memory only so i could read it again for the first time. 5000/10 .

The Death of Jane Lawrence imageThe Death of Jane Lawrence image

The Death of Jane Lawrence

Books | Caitlin Starling

I loved this !! Ruth ware has been on my top list lately and this one took the cake for me- thrilling in a slow burn way but the slowness is still incredibly captivating . The story telling style was different than I has expected and you just need to keep reading to see what happens !! Ending was a bit confusing but overall 10/10 for me!!

The Turn of the Key imageThe Turn of the Key image

The Turn of the Key

Books | Ruth Ware

It was ******* GOOOOD literally finished it in less than two days. The twist was totally unexpected, much like Silent Patient but somehow better ??? Could not have called that myself. Loved it highly recommend!!

The Maidens: Chapter Sampler imageThe Maidens: Chapter Sampler image

The Maidens: Chapter Sampler

Books | Alex Michaelides

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