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Whenever I first watch this, I was an elementary school student and every day in my ELA class we would listen to two or three podcast of this class podcast and it was really interesting to hear it but now I fell asleep to it

Six Minutes imageSix Minutes image

Six Minutes

Podcasts | Kids & Family

This is such a good movie show. I watched it a lot of times because it but once I watched it like two or three times I got it it’s like basically how this one friend is suffering of cancer and the other friend is trying to support her but she really doesn’t want her to and she doesn’t want her to worry.

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Alexa & Katie

Shows | Comedy

I never saw this I knew it was going to be a sad movie but I didn’t think that I would be as sad that like then I thought it would it’s just like so sad I would we watch it if I could be given a choice

Five Feet Apart imageFive Feet Apart image

Five Feet Apart

Movies | Romance

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