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Robin hood has been so many times and so many different ways. I have read good and bad. This is one of the best ones I have read. Sylvie lives in loughsley with her ailing father and her evil brother John who has just been named sheriff. When John pretty much sells her off she and her childhood friend bird run off to live in the forest. They meet and help many people along the way

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The Forest Queen

Books | Betsy Cornwell

A dragon comes down every 10 years to take a girl from the village, but this dragon is not the fire breathing kind he is a wizard. After ten years the girl is free to go but never returns home for long. This is how one of the best fantasy stories in a long time. Great mythology and lore you will not go wrong with this book

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Books | Naomi Novik

Based on a short story by Stephen King this is a story about a man sent to prison this is a story about friendship and about how much someone is willing to take

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The Shawshank Redemption

Movies | Drama

Wes craven knocked this out of the park. Turning the horror genre upside down to give us scream a self aware horror movie. Definitely a movie not to miss

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Movies | Crime

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