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This was a surprising watch. The fact that people’s greed know no boundaries and the consequences of that greed are shone a light on. One of the reasons people are greedy- social status - to be able to show they have a good life. What stood out to me was the common theme amongst most people that if only they could have more money or have more cosmetic surgeries, they would be better off. This was a fallacy for most. Ultimately, the question is - is all the social status worth it? Money, work and fame in some amounts can be great to have, but in excess, everything can be detrimental. Balance is underrated.

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Generation Wealth

Movies | Documentary

This movie was at the intersection of many things I am interested in- coding, cooking, entrepreneurship and is also a Gujarati movie. I absolutely adored it. Pratik Gandhi does good acting, dialogues were really succinct.

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Had heard about the book a whole lot so was curious how the series will be. Watched it over 2 days and really liked it.

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