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Currently reading: JJ Abram’s “S.” Ship of Theseus. Currently watching: Around the World in 80 days (PBS Masterpiece) 👍🏻 Arcane: League of Legends (Netflix) 👍🏻 Star Trek: Prodigy 👍🏻 (Paramount+) Just Finished: Miss Scarlet and the Duke (PBS) 👍🏻 The Silent Sea (Netflix) 👍🏻 October Faction (Netflix) 👎🏻


Reading this book as a kid, and then being forced to read Hatchet in school, I always thought they force kids to read the wrong book. This is a beautiful story and has all those nuanced details that not only make you feel like running into the mountains and living off the land, but that you could actually survive if you do what Sam does

My Side of the Mountain imageMy Side of the Mountain image

My Side of the Mountain


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