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emo gorl



i love this so muchhh. ending was just perfect, which is surprisingly coming from blumhouse. really hope they’ll make a third installment.

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Creep 2

Movies | Horror

really chill but uncomfortable watch. not something you see a lot in horror/thriller. definitely one of the best found footage films out there.

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Movies | Horror

i unironically love this movie. it knows what it is, and therefore doesn’t take itself too seriously. nick cage does a wonderful job immersing you into the story, almost as if you’re living vicariously through him in a video game. definitely worth the watch.

Willy's Wonderland imageWilly's Wonderland image

Willy's Wonderland

Movies | Thriller

wow. insane. didn’t know this movie would have so many shocking moments, but geez, it really took me by surprise!

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Goodnight Mommy

Movies | Drama

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