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Erica Haddock



Unique, beautiful, intriguing and down right amazing. Definitely worth the read.

The Night Circus imageThe Night Circus image

The Night Circus

Books | Erin Morgenstern

Definitely deserves the hype. A good level of slow burn. Loved how it was about them getting over their own issue to come together and not some ex or something getting in their way.

The Spanish Love Deception imageThe Spanish Love Deception image

The Spanish Love Deception

Books | Author to be Announced

Such a unique and beautiful story. Obsessed with their relationship.

The Kiss Quotient imageThe Kiss Quotient image

The Kiss Quotient

Books | Helen Hoang

So beautiful 😍 loved the story and I definitely see why its so popular. Definitely read it yall

It Happened One Summer imageIt Happened One Summer image

It Happened One Summer

Books | Tessa Bailey

Such a beautiful story. Not my usual genre and I only read it cause I was curious so get a little information before reading the 2nd book but I ended up loving it a lot more than the second. Seriously its so pretty and hot lmao

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To Love Jason Thorn

Books | Ella Maise

The writing was absolutely beautiful! I had never read a book with such amazing writing! The story was lovely as well but I just wish the ending was a bit different. I like how it left it to ur imagination a bit though. Addie is a type of character that has something special about her. I hadn't read a book with a character like her before and I loved her. Definitely a book you should try even if its not your style. V. E. Shwab you are amazing!

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue imageThe Invisible Life of Addie LaRue image

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Books | V. E. Schwab

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