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Erik Gitau



American guy who enjoys a few things. Okayge taste in movies and podcasts.


Tremendous podcast about a guy who sucks so much. I literally laught out loud at work because of how stupid Alex's antics are and how stupid he thinks his audience is. Huge back catalog.

Knowledge Fight imageKnowledge Fight image

Knowledge Fight

Podcasts | Comedy

I usually listen to this on my way to sleep as a wind down. Very educational and interesting. I enjoy listening and sometimes watching.

Let's Talk Religion imageLet's Talk Religion image

Let's Talk Religion

Podcasts | Education

Legit good.

Taxi Driver imageTaxi Driver image

Taxi Driver

Movies | Crime

It is considered a classic. I don't like the gratuitous sex/rape scenes. It definitely is off the walls wild.

A Clockwork Orange imageA Clockwork Orange image

A Clockwork Orange

Movies | Science Fiction

Pretty somber movie. We follow a man freshly out of college as he abandons the life others expect of him to pursue a life he apparently wants. A hard and grueling life in the wild which eventually becomes his death.

Into the Wild imageInto the Wild image

Into the Wild

Movies | Adventure

This podcast goes hard with Behind the Bastards. Blowback is a digestible little pod on the American empire and why so many people hate America.

Blowback imageBlowback image


Podcasts | Society & Culture

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