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24, F Dog lover, social work major, lifetime lover of books I read mostly fantasy, historical fiction/historical fantasy. I also read a ton of graphic novels and not just DC and Marvel. My vocabulary is sadly, not intelligent SAT words but mostly pop culture references people my age don't understand. My pfp is my favorite RuPaul's Drag Race queen, Katya Zamolochikova. When I'm not reading or watching something, I'm playing the Sims 4, doing adult coloring, or snuggling my dogs. I have eight!


I feel like this series is getting better as it goes along. For anyone wondering, the main case IS SOLVED in this book. The only thing I don't like is David's hypocrisy. OMG, how dare Stevie keep secrets from you when you were a total liar in the first place?! Maybe it's because I'm in my 20s that I find him to be a little b*tch when he gets mad at her every two or three chapters. Only issue with the series thus far. I'm not a teenager though.

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The Vanishing Stair

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