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Just a girl who has a fascination for romance and fantasy fiction novels!! I’ll read anything that attracts my interest. Book reviews/thoughts on IG:JillGetsBooked


The one thing I love about Sanderson is his character development!!

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Shadows of Self

Books | Brandon Sanderson

This is the 3rd book of the Chicagoland Vampires series. I’m really enjoying this series!! As I’m from the Chicagoland area, this series hits me in the feels.

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Twice Bitten

Books | Chloe Neill

Just finished this one the other day!! First Stephen King novel. Was slow at the beginning but it picked up towards the end. Highly recommend if you wanna get into Stephen King.

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Fairy Tale

Books | Stephen King

Just started this one the other day. I’m enjoying this one much more then the first two. I thoroughly enjoyed the character development the most in mistborn and the well of ascension.

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The Hero of Ages

Books | Brandon Sanderson

I read this book within 8 hours today!! My heart is broken into a million pieces (doesn’t help my own heart is broken from a breakup). The amount of Kleenex I went through…I am BROKEN from this book.

A Thousand Boy Kisses imageA Thousand Boy Kisses image

A Thousand Boy Kisses

Books | Tillie Cole

Currently about 200 pages in!! I really enjoyed the first novel of the trilogy. Vin is a badass!

The Well of Ascension imageThe Well of Ascension image

The Well of Ascension

Books | Brandon Sanderson

Just started to read this last week. First ever reading a Sanderson saga too…I find the politics fascinating so far!!

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Books | Brandon Sanderson

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